Software development outsourcing refers to engineering services. It represents the implementation of software development projects, their support and testing, carried out by a special team of an external service provider. For the successful conduct of the project, the company that provides this type of outsourcing should have its own well-developed approach, which should be based on transparency of communication with the customer, openness, the existence of stable teams consisting of highly skilled IT professionals, the desire for long-term cooperation, honest assessment, the possibility of scaling working groups and readiness for quick start of projects.

Software development outsourcing provides clients with a number of significant advantages, including:

  • access to modern technologies and new resources;
  • optimization of IT processes;
  • cost reduction;
  • definition of clear deadlines;
  • reliable forecasts.

Specialists involved in software development outsourcing should have a solid experience in organizing engineering dedicated teams and development centers, as well as testing and further maintenance of products. This way of developing allows to create a fully functional dedicated software development team in its own center. In addition to providing standard services, the contractor is responsible for the selection and effective management of the team processes.

Choosing the Best Software Development Outsourcer

The right choice is especially important. It is able not only to create the required application, but also to ensure its worthy quality in accordance with the expectations of the customer and the requirements of his business.

Ukrainian outsourcing software development company Intellias meets all necessary requirements for being one of the best:

  • sufficient experience in creating programs;
  • qualified stuff;
  • innovative approach to each project;
  • application of effective business models;
  • the correct organization of the process in terms of communication, budget, planning, monitoring, forecasting;
  • ability to show good results even in difficult working conditions.

It is one of the best custom software development companies in the market. Intellias has been working since 2002. The company’s offices are located in Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa and Berlin. The company employs more than 1000 qualified developers. Intellias develops mobile applications, platforms, user interface design, provides software services and data analysis, and works in the sphere of automotive software. This company has 39% of Senior-level developers, which is significantly higher ratio than average in the industry.

Intellias also succeed in SaaS software development. SaaS (Software as a Service) is a model for using business applications in the format of Internet services. Such applications run on the server of the provider, and users get access to them through an Internet browser. The user does not buy a SaaS-application, but leases it. Thus, an economic effect is achieved, which is considered one of the main advantages of SaaS. The provider takes care of the efficiency of the application, provides technical support to users and installs updates. This allows user to think less about the technical side of the issue, and focus on his business goals.

Intellias is Ukraine’s Best IT Employer (DOU) and one of the fastest-growing private companies in Europe, according to Inc 5000. Such world-known companies as Siemens, Microsoft, Nokia, Roche, RTL Group, EveryMatrix, Brainstorm and others can be distinguished among the developer’s clients. Its products are used by over 2 billion people all over the world.

The company was included in the annual ranking of the best outsourcing companies in the world The 2018 Global Outsourcing 100 by IAOP International Association. Companies fall into the rating of the IAOP association on the basis of applications that are evaluated by such criteria as profitability, team growth, best projects, customer recommendations, the level of corporate social responsibility and innovations in the customer services. The list is made to help companies that want to outsource their services and are looking for suitable partners for this and can recommend Intellias as the best partner for your business.