For you who work in the marketing field, an email tracker is an essential tool. It helps professionals to be able to check whether the email has arrived in the client’s inbox or not and follow-up when it is necessary.

Why an email tracker is a must-have tool

With an email tracker, you can find out the reaction of potential customers to the message from you. Next, you can determine which action to take as the next step.

Today, email tracking is a crucial tool in the world of business and marketing. In the field of marketing, email trackers can help you find out which messages are often opened by prospective customers to determine the sales strategy. In the business world, email trackers are used to monitoring whether potential customers or investors are interested in your products.

Email tracking is one of the most critical features that must be owned by the one who works in the field of marketing and sales. To be able to track every sent message easily, you must integrate an email tracking extension with Gmail.

Snovio is an email tracker that helps you track the sent emails to potential customers. With this tool, you will find out potential customers who are interested in your offers. The extension will show the message opens and the links clicks.

Why Snovio Email Tracker?

Snovio Email Tracker extension for Gmail is a nice alternative to many well-known tools. It is completely free like many others but with a great difference.

As a rule, when the service offers a free tool or plan, it has some restrictions and limits. For example, the number of tracked emails, the integration with only one email account, attached signature in the sent emails. All they can be lifted only by paying.

But that is not about When the Snovio team writes “a completely free extension” that is really so. They do not charge money at all. All the features are available for nothing and there are no limitations.

Snovio Email Tracker features

Just look at the features that you will get when using Snovio Email Tracker:
Unlimited email accounts integration (both Gmail and G Suite): it doesn’t matter if you have one email account or tens. The tracker will integrate with all of them.

Email opens tracking: once the recipient opens the message, you will get a notification and the sent email will be marked with a purple label showing the number of clicks.

Details on the link attached to the email clicks: just the same thing as with the opens.

Send later feature: send the emails when you need it with the schedule feature.

Remind email notification if the email was not opened, the link wasn’t clicked, the reply wasn’t sent.

Disable tracking for the definite email

No visible extension signatures: the extension adds an invisible pixel, so the recipients won’t know you’re watching them.

Live notifications: every time the action is performed, you get a live push notification.

Flexible settings: you can change options to your preferences.

Try it for free

To install the Snovio Email Tracker extension, download it from the Chrome Web Store. It is completely free and you won’t have to pay for anything. It works well and provides you with knowledge of how well the emails you send perform.