We are living in an era where technology affects almost every aspect of our lives, including entertainment. For instance, we now have smart TVs, which function as if they have a mind of its own. This way, TVs are no longer just boxes where you can watch a show. Rather, they became smarter and can do more than what they can before.

In the rest of this post, we will explore some of the functions of a smart TV to help you understand exactly why they are called smart TVs. Before this, check out this link for a selection of some of the best products that you might want to take into account https://www.bestreviews.guide/smart-tvs.

What Makes a TV Smart?

If there is one thing that differentiates the smart TV from non-smart TVs, it is the internet connection. Being connected to the internet uncovers a wealth of possibilities to make the most out of the appliance. They come with an ethernet port or a built-in Wi-Fi, which will allow it to connect to the web. While Wi-Fi will be great in most applications, hardwiring the TV to an internet connection is recommended if you want to stream 4k content or play games. This way, there is a lesser likelihood that there will be lags.

Because of the internet connection, a smart TV allows you to connect to a number of apps. In turn, these apps will make it possible to watch online content, listen to the radio, get updated with the latest news, and play music, among other things.

Another thing that makes a TV smart is innovative ways to have it controlled. In the past, you basically have two ways to control the TV – through the built-in buttons or the remote. These days, modern TVs can be controlled in a variety of ways, such as through a mobile application or even your voice (more of this will be discussed in the next part of this post).

Things a Smart TV Can Do

There are many things that can be done on a smart TV. On the top of the list would be the ability to track whatever you are watching. For some people, this can seem creepy and an invasion of their privacy. However, this feature actually comes handy when it comes to behavioral modeling. Meaning, your watching behaviors are used to be able to predict suggestions of titles that you might also find interesting. There is an algorithm that allows the TV to make intelligent suggestions based on your interests or the contents that you have previously accessed using the smart TV.

In 2018, Samsung released Samsung Remote Access, which is also one feature that many of you will love in a smart TV. Basically, what it does is that it allows the use of next-generation smart TVs in controlling your smartphones and computers. Aside from control, you can also remotely access your files without having to deal with a wired connection.

It is also impossible to list down the features of a smart TV without a mention of online streaming.  Ever heard about Netflix and Chill? You can do it at home on a smart TV. Because of the internet connection, it allows you to access content from Netflix that is available in your area. You can also use YouTube, Facebook, and other websites using the smart TV as long as you have an existing internet connection. It also allows live feeds, such as of sporting events.

More so, with a smart TV, you will also be able to play a game without the need for a console. It may not be as sophisticated as a PS4, but at least, when you are stuck with nothing to do, your smart TV can make you entertained. Most TVs will have an app store where you can download games and use the remote as the controller. There are lots of games that can be accessed for free. If you want a more premium experience, however, you can pay for exclusive titles.

Do you want to get fit, but you do not have the time to go to the gym? Your smart TV can also extend a helping hand. A lot of TVs have built-in exercise and training apps, which will make it possible to have a guided workout without the need to leave your home or sign up for an expensive gym membership. For instance, if your smart TV is Samsung, you can access their fitness app that is called Fitness VOD. Whether you are into aerobics, bodybuilding, or yoga, among others, you will have access to personal trainer right through your TV.

To add, smart TVs also make it possible to use voice control as a command. In the older generations of smart TVs, you have to use the remote to type the title of the content you are searching for. This can be annoying, especially considering how small a remote is. Thankfully, more advanced smart TVs can use your voice for search functions, as well as for other commands, such as for changing channels or adjusting the volume.

If you are looking for reasons to justify the need to buy and use a smart TV, one of the best excuses would be the fact that it can also be used as a modern tool for learning. There are tons of educational apps that can be downloaded, providing the opportunity to be able to learn while also being entertained. Language courses and cooking tutorials are some of the most common classes that can be accessed using your smart TV.

Are there still people listening to the radio these days? If you do, then you can also do it using your smart TV. We are not saying that you purchase a smart TV just to listen to the radio. Rather, what we are implying is that your smart TV can be used in countless ways, including being a radio.

Smart TVs are not cheap. However, the price will surely be worth it given the features and benefits that have been mentioned above. They will redefine home entertainment with its intelligent functionalities.