Slot machines are a relatively new addition to casinos and yet they’ve already captured so much of the market. People adore them, so much so that they tend to take up a lot of space, both in physical and online casinos. Their popularity ensures they are always featured prominently, even in the speculations of people who think they know everything there is to know about them.

As a general rule, slots in physical casinos tend to be crowded and maybe a little dull. Online casinos make them very fun, engaging and fresh. Checking out offers a comprehensive guide to online gambling and where to find the best venue for your own needs and wants might be your best bet to enjoying some slot machine fun. There are some websites like  that might help you in that.

Myths about Slot Machines

 These are inevitable, due to the popularity of slot machines. As is the case with anything that gets popular enough, urban legends and rampant speculation abound. These are just some of the most common examples of odd myths that have popped up:

1.The Cycle and Payoff Myth

 Largely interconnected, these myths focus on the cycles of spins that slots do and how they surely must be rigged. Essentially, the claim is that the machines always go through a pre-determined number of cycles that are all the same as before and always tend to reset after their run is over with. Why does this happen, you may ask?

To ensure the casino doesn’t lose money. The theory is that the slots only pay out once they’ve accumulated enough, or to make it more random, will maybe pay off more if they haven’t in a while. Some even claim they will tighten up and not pay off after someone wins too much.

This is a ridiculous myth since the machines are required, by law, to be made in a way that ensures they are completely random. The odds are the same for 10,000 spins with no results and for 2 spins to produce a jackpot. That is the only way to make them fair, true games of chance.

2.The Slot Club Card Myths

 These myths focus on what happens when you don’t use your slot club card. They claim that if you don’t do so, the machine will pay you more and the casino won’t report your winnings to the tax collectors.

Both of them are patently absurd because the card is meant to give you benefits and not using it means you’re denying yourself valuable winnings. Furthermore, a casino will report your winnings to the government if they go over a certain threshold, whatever happens. It’s the law.

3.When and Where you Play Matters

 To put it simply, these myths claim that the machines will treat you better if you play them when there aren’t many guests around, thus increasing the need to entice people. Furthermore, areas without a lot of traffic tend to get more rewarding machines, because that way they stimulate traffic there.

Both of these are patently false because machine placement doesn’t affect how the machine works at all. Nothing affects it, not how you approach it, now how hard you insert the coin, whether the coin is hot or cold and so on. Only the internal mechanism matters. Same applies for when you play, the internal workings do not account for the time of day.

Best Ways to Play the Slots

 1.Go Big or Go Home

 Your best chance at getting progressive bonuses, better jackpots and in general the greatest payout possible with the least amount of misses is to just go for it. Rather than play 10 cents 20 times, play for a dollar twice. That way you get the best odds of recouping any losses and don’t miss out on an actual jackpot.

2.Simple and Enjoyable

 Don’t play any games that appear to have too many options or mechanics. The more complicated a slot machine, the more chances you’ll have of losing. Beyond that, always make sure you play the machines you like playing and are profitable for you. Forcing things gets you nowhere.

3.Respect the Randomness

 There is no such thing as a guaranteed win after a while. Conversely, there is no such thing as a guaranteed loss, even if you’re sitting down at a machine that just paid someone else a jackpot. Simply put, it’s all random, so learn to deal with that.

4.Know the Limit

Slot machines can be addictive. They can lure you in. Don’t let them do so, decide, on your own, when it’s enough and when you need to stop. Always have a set goal in mind, both for winning and for when you will quit if you lose more than that amount of money. This is the best way to ensure you don’t go overboard.


Now you know what’s actually true and what’s not, so you can go out there and enjoy the slot machines responsibly. Have fun, but remember to pace yourself.