How the unknown company becomes one of the successful projects in the world?

Nowadays it’s one of the best e-commerce platforms in the world. Most of the shops that using Shopify customized it with different shopify themes from templatemonster which you could download their website.

One man founded a small company in Ottawa in 2006. Now it is a billion dollar giant and this is the greatest place for e-commerce in the world. It is renown all over the world as a website that offers its services to the tremendous amount of shops, including well-known Amazon. The Canadian company is the leader is selling sites for hosting web stores. Let’s see how it was all started.

Two years before, Shopifywasn’t the actual Shopify. When it was created, it wasn’t a platform for other stores. The first name of Spotify was Snowdevil and it was founded like a digital retailer for selling snowboards. After some time Snowdevil was renamed into Jaded Pixel and that’s the time when the website started to work as the e-commerce platform. As it was said, in 2006 Tobias Lutke found the Shopify in Ottawa.

The website’s shopping cart system was launched in 2007. Two years later Shopify got a $100 million in sales, which was an incredible result. After some time the platform offered $120000 as a prize to start your own business. The idea was that you had to build a business on the Shopify platform. The most successful attempt will get a prize of $120000.

Three years later, this online service started to make his own software. They developed a SaaS platform for an e-commerce, which becomes very popular, especially among sellers and retailers. At the same time, the service launched the new app – Apple App Store. A bit later they bought a mobile software developer.

During 2013, Shopify has provided new purchase methods. All payments were done without fees to a third-party service. Developers made possible to make purchases from iPad. In this year, Shopify developed its own startup culture via the peculiar Hack Days, when everybody can offer some new ideas to the company.

On the start of 2014, Shopify had over 80000 customers that earned over $1.6 billion during the previous year. The e-commerce service’s market value to the end of 2014 was about $1 billion. There were 100000 stores that were using the service.

In the 2015 Shopify went for IPO on the New York Stock exchange. A bit later a famous website Amazon announced that they were moving to another website service. This “another one” was Shopify. After this news, company’s share has raised on 20%.

Since 2015 till now, the e-commerce service has bought a few more companies and transformed for now into one of the most successful business projects in the world.

However, in 2017 there was a campaign against this service. The problem was that Shopify allowed for to a far-right news to host a shop on this service.