I bet we all have ever done SharePoint installing, upgrading, configuration, or simply managing system services and operations. Don’t you argue that it would be nice to automate these activities? For this, a set of remarkably functional tools was designed by Virto Software company. All of them customize an administrative processes to the fullest and require no specific users’ skills.

Alerts and Reminders

This tool enables creating custom reminders, alerts and/or notifications and sends them as emails, SMS, or instant messages to a particular user or to user groups. To speed-up, use message templates or combine several alerts into one message.

Password Change

Sometimes SharePoint users should change access passwords especially if there are lots of Active Directory (AD) accounts. It eliminates the necessity to disturb the administrator each time users need to change a password.

Password Reset and Recovery

Reset the password being logged-in SharePoint without the administrator’s help. To restore the access, it generates a temporary password that is shown online or sends in an email (depends on configuration).

Password Expiration

Another password administration tool is about an expiration. It informs users about the expiration date of the passwords they use via email. All you need to start is to create a schedule and message template.

Redirect Page

Redirect Page helps to manage SharePoint page access. Users, who try to land on a page they do not have an access to, are redirected to the page appropriate to their access level with no error messages.

Create & Clone AD User

In case you hire or exchange staff across the company, you can create new AD account rapidly simply filling a couple of fields. It also enables “clones” creation to copy the information of an existing account.

User Profile Service

Need to change personal information in your SharePoint account in multiple accounts simultaneously? This tool also provides a high-level security and permission levels to hide certain fields for editing, if necessary.


With this data grid, you can sort or/and resize each field from a page/page collection with drag & drop tool, displaying all the items and lists in a single grid, while a sub-grid support provides flexible access levels.