Serfy a field service management software that assigns jobs and tracks the records and engages with clients to perform activities easily through a single application. Essential management of the business is handled and maintained accurately and effectively with Serfy. Their app has been specially designed to render quality and simplified process of management with the team and managers. Serfy task management cost is varied with respect to the users and benefits and can be purchased whenever required.


The efficient features of Serfy are:

  1. It is specifically designed to create, manage every issue and track the status. However, tracking the workload and distributing the work among others is made flexible.
  2. It is helpful in real-time projects and helps indirectly in providing the progress by a notification regarding the data entry and field staff duties which should be updated always.

  1.  It allows the customers to report issues easily and obtain the most appropriate information. Hence by then, the user can adjust the priorities and statuses to meet the SLA.
  2. They have a keen determination in providing the efficiency and manage templates and users to any particular task or object.
  3. Serfy enhances to digitalize the paper act. Hence it becomes easy in getting information about field staff or clients.
  4. It can effortlessly assign tasks to the outsourcing partners and that could make the process of tracking easy.

Besides, the above features Serfy is meant to deliver effective service in 2 important functionalities. They are:

  1. Modern Issue Tracking Software
  2. Outsource and Field Service Management Software

Serfy software is employed everywhere in the UK and other regions of the globe. Generally speaking, every client is different and the options they choose are also different. Making sure that Serfy is responsible for customizing the set up with respect to the client’s behavior or requirement.


Modern Issue Tracking Software

Think of how modern technology can automate the need of the user? With the upgrading technology and enhancements in the businesses, every organization strives for automating their tasks rather investing money on an employee or hiring a person for any particular tasks. While in that cases, Serfy is one such modern existence that does everything for managing the business. Each and every detailing and scheduling is performed with Serfy easy-to-use tools and enable tracking each and every job that entitles an issue. Every small detail is considered a preference.

Most of the customers and client ping directly to more details about the progress and issue of any service. They effortlessly request for the update that they need exactly. The online issue tracking service Serfy has the ability to track the issue and provide an acknowledgment that continues to the new job accordingly.

It is said to have a job ticket scheduling process that is made easy and modern. This is what every company look for in this present 21st century.

Outsource or Field Service Management Software

As it is known that the manager has many challenges that don’t work without ticketing them. A lot of daily responsibilities are to be handled which are to be networked with others in any particular niche. That is the point where Serfy comes into action, where it’s Outsource and Field Service Management helps managers with a wide variety of simplified functionalities like Allocating the task to the partners, workers, clients only if they download Serfy App. It can also help in managing the working hours and accordingly upload, share, download, and recall images, files, documents when needed.

It is also useful in providing workers with the historical information that encourages their effectiveness on the site. This helps in knowing and tracking where every worker is and precisely organize their work. Every situation of the business and the individual work status are tracked with field service management.

Additionally, there are ionized features that are capable of delivering effective services and for maintaining the team. They are:

  1. Task Outsourcing
  2. Data Entry Template Tool
  3. Objects Management
  4. Client Management
  5. Real-Time Tracking
  6. Issue and Task Management in One Window

Task Outsourcing

It is not that everything can be managed and handled by a single person. Most of the site management companies rely on partnering. In case of burden, it is suggested to request help from any partnering company. But controlling the responsibilities and managing the groups can affect the reputation of the business.

But for managing all those Serfy is available with its task outsourcing management services and it tracks the activities of the group like progress, challenges, job ticketing, updating arrival timings, and so on.

Serfy’s handy tool helps them to make every single activity accurately. All the communications are performed under a single app that delivers notifications instantly. Businesses like Engineering companies, service provision entities, construction teams, utility companies, mobile health care workers and so on.


Data Entry Template Tool

Without data, no one can run any business. It can determine the position in the market. It is all about discovering the current position in the market. Serfy provides best and user-friendly tools that reduce the paperwork. It helps in collecting data from relevant reports and manage them accordingly to meet the requirement. Manual transfer of data will be reduced while human errors cannot be rectified easily. Become digitized with Serfy. Payments can be organized effectively with respect to the time. All the business finances and goals and sensible data are organized by Serfy.


Objects Management

It is all about managing the equipment and assets efficiently. It is not that people can only be responsible for doing that. Serfy stays on top in empowering and handing the emergencies of worker duties. Every asset becomes easy and the assets are managed easily. All the reports, receipts, and paperwork can be digitized. Accurate information can be projected and exchanged between each other. Thus, every activity is handled under one system that has the right tools. Organizing insurance, insurance claims, general administration, effective filing system are its main objectives.


Client Management

Clients encounter faster service performance and never requests again in the system. Every process is digitized where there is no way of losing a job. Incredibly it makes the client happy.

Requesting them for feedback and reviews may ideally need a Serfy software that encounters many preferred actions. Clients and customers check for the supporting company that provides the enhanced features.


Real-Time Tracking

As discussed above about issue tracking, Serfy is more supportive in its functions. The technology that is implemented in Serfy makes the user feel realistic and can track the immediate progress exactly on site.

Field Service Scheduling software facilitates a distinct method. All the workers can tender updates on the app where everyone can see. The information can be about on-site arriving, work updates and so on.

Issue Management and Task Management in a single Window

There are many technologies that are time-consuming and overwhelming only if it includes complicated implementation. For getting quick and easy information about the data that is to quantified, Serfy can be one among it to make the work simplified.

Every new task and team performance, and feedback can be reviewed together in a single window of the computer. There are many customizable options available that draw conclusions and make quality and perfect conclusions and decisions. This doesn’t include unnecessary information.



Serfy as the best field manager is available free with an access of unlimited users, buildings, providers, and web/app interfaces. This itself tells that everything that is required to maintain any business can be managed by Serfy field service management tools.  Every business manager or service provider can no matter attain knowledge and intelligence with the advanced technologies and methods used in management.