Every year brings something special to the table and in the world of SEO, both new and old trends get going based on their efficiency and delivery. SEO trends and speculations are inevitable every time it’s a new year and everyone is looking for ways getting get ranked highly by the search engines.

It is true that there are some aspects of search engine optimization that have worked for a number of years. However, there are those that will be the trending in a given time and period. If you are keen to know them, you stand a good chance of enjoying a high ranking by the search engines. Here are SEO trends that will dominate 2017.

  1. Links Built in High-Quality Content. If there is something that is not going anywhere in the world of SEO, then that is the use of links in your content. They will continue to be a by-product of high-quality content. As a result, they are now fully established as important ranking signals. Instead of just focusing on how to secure them, produce excellent content to prompt people to share it and at the same time link to it without asking them to do so. Detailed reports and case studies have been proved to perform better alongside infographics than standard blog posts.


  1. Long-form Content. Long-form content has been in use as a search engine optimize effort and is expected to continue performing well. Content more than 2000 words continues to perform well in search results and therefore, it is something to keep doing for your website. Its relevance in the world of SEO continues to apply among many marketers since it has helped a lot in converting website visitors into sales.


  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Google indeed loves AMP. They offer a great user experience due to their ability of the webpages to load instantly. AMP is a means of building web pages for static content that load quickly. Essentially, AMP HTML is built with restrictions for dependable performance along with some extensions that build rich content more than just basic HTML. The AMP JS library facilitates a quick rendering of these AMP HTML pages.


  1. Social Media Platforms. Social media platforms continue to lead in traffic generation. There is a lot of activity taking place in social media day-in-day-out. A lot of discovery is being made about services and products via social media platforms and from the look of things, this trend is here to stay. Consumers are glued to social media in search of support and brands they have identified.


  1. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPs) has been considered as only an option by many but it is now becoming increasingly important. It helps in keeping data exchanged between your website and your user’s computer secure. Consumers are now area of technology more than the case was some time ago. All they want now is a secure experience as they surf online. Switching to HTTPs is highly affordable and has been listed as a ranking signal by Google.


  1. Home-Based Voice Search                                                                                                                                       The voice search from online platforms is gradually becoming trendy. Echo by Amazon and Google Home make it possible for consumers to search for what they want without the need to type anything. These voice searches have continued to evolve and have shown capacity to include new features. Today, you can make an Uber request and place your pizza order from Domino’s courtesy of home-based voice search.


  1. Optimization for Mobile Use. Even though not all may find it applicable to them, this is becoming more helpful to those with a consumer e-commerce website. There is a lot of traffic emanating from mobile devices and it makes you consider the mobile user first as you design page layouts. The good news is that, mobile traffic has continued to grow over the years and that is why some businesses will find it useful to focus on optimizing for mobile platforms.


  1. User experience (UX) is expected to continue offering several direct benefits of SEO. Visitors stay longer on your website and interact with a good portion of your content and this has helped a lot in reducing bounce rate. Most importantly, it increases the time spent on site and the occurrence of conversion odds. The least it can produce is a follow or a share to the social sites.


To keep up with the competition in the online world, it is important to keep up with the most recent SEO practices today. Listed here are some of the SEO trends that will dominate 2017.