When businesses create a website and online presence they assume it is just to generate a few leads and raise awareness. However, having an online presence can mean a serious increase in sales and brand recognition. If your company is attempting to raise revenues in the coming year, using online business and marketing strategies is so important. Here are a few internet marketing tips that will help increase your online traffic and revenue in 2017 and beyond.

Get a Website Makeover

Business owners, it is 2017! The days of having a plain text website with the bare bones of information and graphics is not good enough. Site visitors can instantly recognize when a site has not been updated in years, and they do not have much time for such websites. There are tons of other sites that are offering the same information, but with a modern outlook and aesthetic. You need to ensure that your site is doing the same, otherwise no SEO technique is going to help.

Using PPC

Getting noticed on social media and the internet is not easy. A lot of people assume that smaller and mid-sized businesses got popular through natural methods. And while that can happen sometimes, it is not always the case. As digital marketing expert Brad Smeltz would tell you, most companies are making this happen through pay-per-click and social media ads. Using paid promotions is a huge part about getting noticed, as it helps get the process going in a more efficient way. Most companies do not have years to waste before they get noticed, which is why these ads are so important.

Marketing Tactic Integration

Using one or two marketing tactics is not enough in 2017. The winning formula is to have many strategies and to ensure they are integrated. How does this work? Let us say that you are using different types of advertising. These ads, whether they are email ads, PPC, social media or video ads, should be part of an organic and coordinated strategy. When these ads are syncing with each other, they will complement each other in a very big way.

Generating More Quality Content

Ads are huge for companies online, and having a real social media presence can help a lot. But there are few substitutes for creating organic, quality and frequent content. Sometimes people use ad block, or they just do not care about ads. For those people, having blog posts and regular content updates about relevant topics can help entice them onto your site.

Businesses assume that content is just for bloggers. But having a blog as part of your online presence can have a real impact on sales and revenue. Blogging ensures your company is an authority on some subjects, and it also boosts Google rankings. It is a good idea to invest some time and money into creating authentic content that you will be regularly posting on the site, and linking to using social media accounts. This process will help your business a huge amount.