Due to their hectic work schedule , a lot of people usually don’t get the chance to call or hear from their aged ones who are far away from them as often as they will like to. Many people go days, even months without knowing how their aged ones are faring or what they have been up to. But with the Senior safety app, you do not need to worry about how your aged ones are doing because the app is designed to keep you informed of how they are getting along, what they have been up to, where they are, and so many other things you will like to know about their general well being.

You may be wondering, “how will this app keep me informed of my old folks wellbeing?”, you don’t need to worry. The senior safety app is designed with some unique features that will fill you in regarding the wellbeing of your senior folks. These features include;

SOS Alert

This component gives a quick and easy approach to ask for help or raise alarm by conveying messages or sounding the alarms once the owner of the devices clicks on the feature. The SOS alert feature incorporates 2 alternatives. The request help feature sends out an instant message and email to the arranged emergency contacts. The sound alarm feature raises a high volume alarm with a simple option to call the emergency contacts. Fast access to help gets seniors the aid they require without wasting valuable time. SOS messages are sent out with the real-time location to enable you to get to the device user on time.

Fall Alert

Falling unexpectedly and getting no timely help is a nightmare no one ought to experience. majority of the old folks are prone to falling and this is extremely dangerous for them, considering how frail their body structures are. The Safety app fall tracker was made for the sole purpose of tracking falls and informing the app user when the device owner needs assistance. Fall tracker can be configured at high sensitivity, medium sensitivity and low sensitivity; the tracking engine can be customized to the user’s way of life so false alarms are reduced. Fall alerts go to your email with the present location of the device.

Monitoring location with Geofence alerts

Knowing when the device enters and leaves a specific location like an area, work environment, street or even a shopping center is useful to guarantee that seniors get their daily exercises, make it to their medical checkups or simply keep up a healthy way of life. The Senior tracking device keeps a tab on how often the device user went to a specific address and tracks both the course and speed of the user. monitor the particular location of the device all day, every day with the speed, elevation, and bearing.

Inactivity Tracker

Many individuals (particularly senior citizens) die because become very weak and tired to the point they can’t move or do anything, since they live alone and there is no one to keep an eye on them They simply die of starvation or different causes there. Most smartphone users browse their mails or messages at least once in a couple of hours, in the event that they miss doing that, it absolutely indicates that something is not right. You can configure the senior safety app to alert you quickly in case the device stays inactive for a long period of time. Each alert is sent with the location of the device so help can be brought quickly. You can select any time interval between 1 and 12 hours of inactivity for the alarm to be activated.

Call, Text, App Usage and Location Logs

scams targeting old folks have multiplied over the world, the most exceedingly awful part is that the majority of these scams are executed by fraudsters who don’t fear local law enforcement. millions of dollars have been stolen from clueless seniors who believe that the criminal on the opposite end of the phone is trying to help them either make a lucrative investment or save them from inconveniences. A simple daily report shows you messages sent/ received and calls made/received, including erased calls or messages. Login to the control panel to see a history of all calls and messages as well, check and export as required.

Low Battery Alert

Phones have become an essential part of our communication system as well as our integration with our families – frequently the phone is the only point of contact with a close relative. Not being able to reach the cell phone when required can be both distressing and alarming for you. The most common reason behind a cell phone to be disconnected is the battery going out. set up the senior safety app to send you a notification if the battery is close to running out. The application gives you a chance to pick from choices in the range of 5% and 25% to get an email when the battery is low with the location of the device. This feature also helps seniors to find their devices when they are lost.

Is the senior safety app economical? Yes it is. Let’s talk about the pricing

The senior safety app comes in two versions, The free forever which is free of charge(s) and the Pro which costs $4.5

The free vеrѕiоn (free forever) аllоwѕ the owner of the device quick ассеѕѕ to SOS аlеrtѕ for urgent help and SOS Alаrm activation, It also provides dirесt buttоn to саll еmеrgеnсу соntасtѕ, dаilу rероrt on рhоnе calls mаdе аnd received, and it also рrоvidеѕ dаilу Rероrt оn tеxt mеѕѕаgеѕ ѕеnt and received.

Thе Pro vеrѕiоn whiсh саn bе purchased for $4.5 has a lot more uniԛuе fеаturеѕ, аnd I will bе mеntiоning just a fеw оf them.

It has аll thе features оf thе frее vеrѕiоn(frее fоrеvеr) аnd other features like;

  • Sеndѕ аlеrt if extended inactivity is detected,
  • Sеndѕ аlеrt whеn bаttеrу iѕ low,
  • Sends аlеrt whеn рhоnе nеtwоrk сhаngеѕ (dеviсе stolen),
  • Rеmоtеlу monitor dеviсе location 24/7 with a 90-day location hiѕtоrу,
  • Geo-fencing аlеrtѕ when thе dеviсе еntеrѕ оr lеаvеѕ a lосаtiоn,
  • Sends alert if a fall iѕ dеtесtеd.

Senior Citizen or Old age individuals are as or maybe more vulnerable than other weaker segments of the society against dangers, violations, and brutality. Murder of elderly couples for assets isn’t uncommon nowadays. Likewise, demise from absence of timely attention is additionally a reason for worry for Senior Citizens. These circumstances could be avoided through timely intervention and a small amount of consideration. With Senior safety Apps, individuals will be notified in case of any problems with their old ones.

Get the senior safety app today, so you can be kept updated about how your old ones are getting along. For more info do well to visit the website www.seniorsafetyapp.com.