With so much amazing technology out there, sometimes it’s frustrating if you just can’t quite afford what you want. And that’s where buying refurbished or scratch and dent equipment can be a huge benefit to you. As long as warranties are still in place, you don’t have anything to worry about.

A few of the technological wonders that you can afford at this separate tier include mobile phones, audio equipment, and kitchen appliances. You can also look into purchasing floor models, displays, and returned items. Concerning saving some cash, this is a great way to do that.

Mobile Phones

If it feels like mobile phones are updating at the speed of light, then you aren’t too far off. You barely learn how to operate the cell phone you have, and then the next version is out. But this next version can be incredibly expensive. If you wait a little while and look for refurbished phones, then you get all of the benefits of that latest model, at a fraction of the price. Again, you have to be sure to trust the reseller and make sure that the original warranty is in place, but beyond that, you can save hundreds of dollars.

Audio Equipment

Audio equipment is notoriously expensive. Especially when it comes to high-end speakers or high-end audio interfaces or processors, you can easily get priced out of the market. However, if you buy refurbished audio equipment, it can be less than half the original price, and all of the components are still working perfectly. If they aren’t, you can always return it. This means there is no risk to you for trying out top-notch quality equipment but getting it for a minimal price.

Scratch and Dent Appliances

It may seem silly to think of stoves and refrigerators as technological innovations. But the fact is, there are smart appliances now that make cooking and storing food a legitimately exciting experience. Especially when it comes to refrigerators, there are new appliances that tell you when you need certain kinds of food based on internal scanners! If you want to try out this technology but can’t afford new versions, find scratch and dent sales at your local store and get hundreds of dollars off the original asking price.

Floor Models and Displays

Purchasing floor models and displays is another way to save money on the latest technology. There’s probably going to be a few demonstration units out at your local stores for people to look at when they’re thinking about buying a new piece of technology. This is especially true for computers and tablets. If you catch the right window, you can buy these four models and save a tremendous amount of money, all while keeping the original warranty in place.