Data loss will affect almost everyone who uses the desktop, mobile or other devices. When you’ve spent maximum time on creating the important file. Suddenly when you’re PC hanged up. Sometimes you may delete an important file accidentally. You’ll be frustrated.


There are many people who advise you to back up all the important files. Though you backup files frequently but sometimes you may neglect.

Everybody prefers to store information digitally. There are multiple reasons to lose your data. The chances may be data corruption, virus attack, power outage, etc.

To get your files back, you will do anything. Relax and offer a cup of tea for yourself. Advanced users will recover files from recycle bin. When you follow spinning hard device to store information, then data recovery software is the right solution for you.

Stop worrying about your deleted files. Data recovery software is going to save your day. There are few online recovery software that helps you to recover files from your crashed PC or others.  FoneLab data retriever tool is a smart choice for you. Get your lost data with an easy set of operations on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

There are multiple advantages to choose a FoneLab Data Retriever. This software is a powerful and easy way to recover data. Also, focuses on delivering high-quality services to its users.

The number of FoneLab users is increasing day by day across the globe. No matter whether you’re a student or business person, FoneLab is greatly designed and makes easy to use for everyone.

FoneLab data recovery is robust and convenient software. It helps to recover your important data on operating systems, memory cards, camera, hard drives etc. Recover data may be images, documents, pdf, emails, audio, video, etc.

Are you worried about your lost file? Stop worrying. FoneLab will help you out to recover your lost data within a few simple operations. The process performed to data recovery is similar for both Windows and Mac.

A simple operation performed on Windows or Mac

There are multiple ways where you can recover lost important file on PC, hard drive or other devices with FoneLab.

FoneLab undergoes three simple operations

  1. Connect
  2. Scan
  3. Recover

Step 1 – Select the retrieval module which is suitable for your requirement

Step 2 – Choose the partition for data retrieval

Step 3 – FoneLab undergoes scanning every file on your device. This may take a few minutes. Wait until the completion of scanning

Step 4 – Choose the file that you would like to recover

Step 5 – Select the storage location in order to save the file

Step 6 – Hold on a second, file saved successfully

FoneLab data recovery software is available for Windows and Mac users.

Outstanding features of FoneLab are

  1. Previewable
  2. Easy to use tool
  3. The software will not store or modify your data
  4. Highly powerful
  5. Fit for every situation
  6. Involves a quick and deep scan
  7. Selective

Pricing: FoneLab is cost-effective. Get flat 50% discount on FoneLab. Price starting at just $24.97 only. Available for Windows and Mac users.

There are multiple scenarios to recover the data with FoneLab. The reasons may be improper handling, water damage,  accidental deletion, rooting error, device failure, virus attack and more.

What are the other products in FoneLab?

To recover your lost contacts, call logs, conversations, attachments and more on mobile phone. For mobile users, one of the important data is the contact list. Losing contact list will certainly break a connection with your friends and family members. FoneLab for iOS or FoneLab for Android will surely help you to recover all your contact, call logs, etc.

No matter whether you’re travelling or at home. You always love listening to your favourite song from your playlist again and again. What happens when you lost your favourite song? In such cases, you can get back your pictures, music, video, audio on windows or Mac with FoneLab.

Apart from contacts and media files recovery, FoneLab for iOS or FoneLab for Android can easily recover your lost documents or files from mobile phon. This software also recovers several documents such as word document, text files, etc.

FoneLab offers an array of products such as

  • iPhone data recovery
  • iOS system recovery
  • iOS data backup and restore
  • Android data recovery
  • Broken android data extraction
  • Android data backup and restore
  • HEIC converter
  • Data retriever
  • FoneTrans for iOS
  • Screen recorder

FoneLabs for iOS is effectively used for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Consider iOS, when you lost iOS information, you can think of using iCloud to back lost data. But when you try to recover data, there may be chance of overwriting files on your iOS device. If you are an Android user, you can choose FoneLab for Android according to your needs. FoneLab will help you retrieve the files without restoring existing files.

There are few data recovery application perform data recovery mechanism in a reverse direction. It means deleting files permanently. When you don’t want to retrieve your files, you can opt for this type of app. These data recovery app will make your important files in an unreadable mode. Make a note that government firms have specific software, those tools can recover information from anything.

If you’re planning to recover the lost data, FoneLab is one of the best data recovery tools for you.