There is no doubt that having a mobile phone mast on your land and leasing it out to a telecommunications company is a wise financial move. Many people have done this over the years and the additional income it brings in is very handy. Renting your land for the mobile phone mast is not the only solution though – there are many excellent reasons to think about capitalising this rent as well. APWireless look at a few of these in the passages below:

Cash generation

While you may receive a reasonable rent per annum, selling your mobile phone mast leasewill pull in a significantly bigger figure. This is naturally useful if a larger lump sum would fit your financial situation better than receiving the rental amount each quarter instead. The amount you would get is dependent on the individual phone mast and location but it would still give you a capital boost for any new work projects or even personal items like holidays.

This is one of the best reasons to sell your mobile phone mast lease and one that many owners take up to expand their businesses in new ways that they otherwise couldn’t. It can also be most welcome for people thinking about retiring who may want to put a large cash sum in the bank for future use.

Avoid it becoming redundant

One of the constant things about telecommunications and mobile phone masts is that they are always changing! New technology is being released all the time which can lead to older technologies becoming redundant. This is a real danger for anyone who leases out their land for a mobile phone mast as, if your mast falls into this category, it can be taken down. Naturally, this can see the rental money suddenly stop, which can cause huge financial headaches.

By selling your mast lease, you are effectively avoiding this happening to you and ensuring you get the best capital return you can out of it.

No nasty surprises

Hand in hand with the above point is that under a standard telecoms lease, the telecommunications companies can decide to cancel your leasing contract at any point if they wish to do so. This can be because of your mast becoming redundant but can also be for other reasons and this is completely at their discretion.

If you decide to sell your mobile phone mast lease, you are taking control of the situation and making sure this can’t happen to you. Not only does this make it less stressful for you, but also means you have a concrete financial reward that can’t be taken away from you.

If you are thinking of selling your mobile phone mast, then get in touch with experts who invest in mobile phone towers and rooftop antennas. Their superb premium service will enable you to gain the financial control and security you desire with absolutely no fuss or worry.