If you have ever worked for a major company, you know that most have strict rules about accessing social media on and off the job. Some have gone so far as to block certain sites on the premises of the business so that employees don’t have to worry about being tempted to surf, because they don’t have access to their favorite sites anyway. This can be annoying, to say the least, and counter productive, as well. Below are a few reasons why a company can might get ahead by swimming upstream and investing in social media.

Simple Communication

The first telegraph message was sent in 1844. Since then, the way we communicate over long distances has morphed considerably. We had landlines, payphones, pagers, satellite phones, and cell phones. Not to mention, the old fashioned snail mail letter. Now, we have the internet and because of the huge doors that the internet has opened to us, we can talk to anyone about anything anywhere in the world anytime we want.

You can send an email, text back and forth through Messenger or apps like Hangouts, post on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Instagram. The multitude of ways to communicate allows your employees to choose the one that best suits them and is an incentive to keep in touch with you and their fellow colleagues. The after work application allows your workers to bond off site, as well. This makes for better communication on site.

Down Time Is A Must

Understandably, there is always that employee that pushes the limits of your patience. They are the reason many companies ban the use of the internet for surfing and social media while on the job. All of us are aware that once you get going, sometimes it’s hard to refocus on the task at hand. Distracted employees can mean lost profits. However, over tired, burnt out employees can mean even less profit than that.

Even if you create a zone, say in the staff lounge, where access to social media is granted, it is important to allow your workers this few moments of down time. Some of us work better when we are undistracted and alone for hours at a time, but that is not the majority of us. Make accessing social media an option for break time, at the very least, and watch the moral of the office improve and the profits go up.

Unexplored Advertisement

The only way people know that your business exists is through advertisement. Commercials, billboards, flyers, and word of mouth have been the go tos in the past. In 2017, social media is second only to tv commercials and looking to surpass them in the near future. Many businesses have already taken hold of the idea. Along with advertising, many companies post pictures of company picnics, community outreaches, and awards the company has won.

This practice is prominent on Facebook, onsite news sections, and Instagram.These not only allow the public to know of your existence, but show the personal, family side and the integrity, like in this example, so many customers long for in any company. It also allows an avenue for your employees to take a larger part in their work and make a bigger connection to the business. This always does well for creating a better sense of dedication to the company vision.

In the end, social media is like anything else in life. It’s a wonderful tool if used the right way. Set the boundaries and take the risk for a better work family and larger profits.