The small disc-shaped robot vacuums are becoming a much sought-after home cleaning appliance of modern times. Today we shall discuss the reasons behind its unprecedented popularity.

  • Adjusts Automatically To Different Surfaces – Robot vacuums come with sensors which can detect variations in floor surfaces. Thus, you won’t have to worry a thing while cleaning your wood, tile or carpet flooring using these devices as they can adjust automatically in accordance with the requirement. They are also programmed to detect obstacles to prevent unintentional damage.


  • Self-Charging – You won’t have to worry about manual recharging since the robotic options can recharge themselves. The vacuum shall return immediately to its docking station after completing the cleaning task. Thus, it will recharge itself after each cleaning if the battery is low. Certain advance units can even cease cleaning charge up and again resume work subsequently.


  • Adjusts Cleaning Settings – Certain floors, especially those of washroom and kitchen are dirtier than others. The robot vacuums can adjust their cleaning settings spontaneously for catering to the problem areas with greater time and effort.


  • Detects Pre-set Boundaries – Vacuum cleaners often end up damaging walls and knocking over other room decors. This unnecessary fear can be toppled over with robot vacuums where you can set virtual walls, which the device is programmed not to cross. This can also prevent the machine from entering into off-limit partitions of your house.


  • Larger Dust Bags – This makes changing dust bags much more sporadic since the bags can store larger quantum of debris in comparison to manual vacuums.


  • Fits In Tight Corners – Consumers are often seen complaining about vacuums which cannot clean tight spaces. However, with robot vacuums, you don’t need to worry any further. Given its compact size, the robotic vacuums can easily fit in smaller spaces which cannot be accessed by manual vacuums.


  • Longer Lifespan – Given their lower maintenance requirement, these robots vacuums last longer in comparison to traditional vacuum cleaners. These machines are constructed using higher quality materials which are built to be of long-term service. Just replace or empty the bag periodically and you are good to go.


  • Smart Home Connectivity – The majority of modern day home appliances comes with built-in Wi-Fi which can help you in activating the same remotely using just a smartphone or a tablet. Thus, it is no longer required to be bound to your home while carrying on the cleaning work. You can very well enjoy the office party and come back to a neat and tidy house. Once you are done with the initial set-up, you can take up a completely hands-free approach in dealing with the robot vacuum. This can be of great use when you have to be away from your house for long spans of time.


  • Zero Chord Worries – The robot vacuums, having their own recharging stations can keep you abreast of worrying about the tangled cords which can become extremely cumbersome to deal with.



The more you spend, the great features you get in your robot vacuum. But irrespective of all these superficial coatings, every robotic vacuum brings along high flexibility and convenience. So, purchase an Ecovacs Deebot M80 robot vacuum cleaner today and bid adieu to all the manual stress as this cleaning aid does the tough work for you.