Having a website is perhaps one of the most crucial points of establishing a brand online. After all, your digital presence will most likely be defined by the way people see your content online – which more or less should come from a major source, most likely your site. As such, your website shouldn’t just be “attractive,” but it should be capable of letting you showcase both your branding and your thrust in the niche. A website development company can help you achieve these goals.

It might make it easier to know more about how good design can help you with a few statistics. For instance, did you know that 39 percent of users around the world will probably quit viewing your website if images and other elements take too long to load? Even a single second drop of page loading speed can mean a sales drop of as much as 27 percent. This is important, as 83 percent of consumers worldwide appear to be using more than one screen across two devices when doing their day to day tasks. In fact, 80 percent of viewers will likely stop engaging with your site if its elements don’t display well on their mobile device. Knowing this, it’s easy to see why it’s important to remember just how important web design can be for your overall growth.

 Creating Your Website: What Should You Ask Your Developers


If you’re wondering what sort of website development company you should hire, you ought to ask a few things to your prospective developers first. It’s important to understand where they stand in certain aspects of development so that you’re aware of what to expect when it comes to their skills and what they can bring to the table once you have them onboard. Here are a few things you should be aware of:

  • Ask the designers if they’ve dealt with your kind of website before: A lot of websites exist for various reasons. Some might serve as a personal means of expression, others as portfolios, others as a means for business. This means that websites can include a wide range of appearances and purposes, which requires different approaches to design. If you want to hire website builders to make you a website, make sure you ask them if they have any experience with the kind of website you want them to make. If so, how exactly did they approach it?
  • Ask if the designers and developers fully understand your branding aesthetics: One of the most important things to ask developers before hiring them is if they understand your proposed direction with your aesthetics. Having presented your brand and your “ideal” website, try to get their opinion of whether or not they understand your aesthetics and if they can pull off something like that with their development style. This is important, as this aesthetic “requirement” is a must for you to be able to pull off your branding personality and voice.
  • Ask what the designers and developers have in mind for you and your website: If possible, try to see within the negotiation stage just what they think of your website in the first place. Have them give their first impressions about whether or not your website can be designed efficiently, or what perhaps is a good approach towards developing a website. See if their explanation makes sense for your particular goals, if you like their initial proposal, or if they can communicate their intentions to you well. Knowing this much at least enables you to determine if you can work with them or not. Remember, it’s much better to work with a company that can express their opinions better, as this translates to work that at least identifies with what they’re saying. A person who can’t express themselves properly in their craft can be hard to work with, and this means that you may risk wasting your time and effort.
  • Ask the designers how they compromise website speed with device optimization: Two integral components of website design is to make sure that its speed is optimal for users to not lose interest, and that it’s compatible to be viewed in multiple platforms. This is extremely important, as these essentially determine whether or not your website can be attractive in the long run. See if your potential designers and developers have solutions to meet this need, and how they plan to apply these solutions to your particular scenario.
  • Ask if the designers and developers have encountered problems with the development of other websites: Another important question to ask developers is if they’ve actually encountered problems across their development cycles. This is important, as this essentially lets you ask and determine whether or not they can handle pressure, and how they can use their creative minds and resourcefulness to solve issues that they come across throughout the course of the development of the website.

The Bottomline: Website Development Starts With The Brand

If you want to hire a website development company for your site needs, it’s important that you’re aware of the branding push you want your site to take before following through. A website developer who understands exactly how you want your branding to “appear” on the internet is the person to trust, as not only do they have the skills to develop your website, but also the critical understanding of how exactly you can use your website to leverage your potential for success.