RankActive is a multifunctional product for SEO specialists. With its help, it is easy to complete almost all tasks that can appear in the optimization process.  RankActive provides the possibility to monitor rankings of any website, to conduct an audit and analyze competitor sites. The toolkit also provides information about backlinks a website has and also includes the link-building product. The developers did their best to create the most convenient and useful solution that will help to complete everyday tasks and combined a lot of necessary functions in the single toolkit.

RankActive is a young and successful fast-growing project. First time I saw the platform I was impressed. The company is two years old, and the team takes efforts to develop it as quickly as possible. So let’s see what RankActive has achieved for these two years.

There is the SERP Rank  checker in any SEO platform. One of the benefits that Rank Tracker by  RankActive has is a possibility to update ranking data anytime for free. The SERP of any search engine is fluid, but it is always important to have fresh data. That’s why I often use the Update Rankings button to get up-to-date information. Another useful section is Relevant pages. With its help you can take a look at rankings from another side: there is a list of website URLs that are ranked in TOP 100. The platform shows what keywords used on those pages, so it takes nothing to get the terms for which pages are ranked. It is simple to find mistakes that were made during optimization. Also, it is the best way to monitor your content strategy.

To analyze your keywords, you can use AdWords parameters that are provided by the tool. There are much more additional goodies. For example, you can backtrace the history of keywords addition and changes of ranking dynamics for a particular keyword.

SiteAuditor is another standard tool for on-page optimization. The RankActive tool has very convenient information delivery. The Overview section looks like the dashboard where everything is well-organized. From it, you can see what weak points the website has and what errors should be eliminated immediately. By the way, there is the possibility to rescan your site after you have implemented any changes. As a result, you don’t have to wait for the next time the crawler will scan your site because all results will be shown much faster.

There is one more interesting tool added to the platform – Top Analyzer. It’s a mix of two previously mentioned section. Here you can find TOP 10 websites from a result page of any available search engine and get the audit details for each result. That is an excellent way to spy on the best websites. Such possibility to get full optimization data of the potential rivals is unique, in my opinion.

But it is not the only way you can spy on your competitors with RankActive help. The toolkit has created the Competitors product. What data can you find there? Estimate traffic, backlinks, visibility data, check what rankings competitor websites have for the keywords you have added to the project.

The platform has Google Analytics integration. It is a common practice, Google Analytics is a great tool, but it is not really convenient. It seems that Google is okay with the fact that the customization is made straight in the Google Analytics account but its results are checked in other platforms. Everyone is happy!

RankActive has very simple tool for the building of backlinks. It calls Link Manager. You can add links manually or import them from CSV file for analysis. After that, members of your team and you will be able to manage all the process. For example, you can monitor when the link was placed on the referring source. You can import the links that were already published and analyze their quality. For this, RankActive added metrics from Moz and Majestic that will help you to analyze spam score and authority of referring domains. The work with links is challenging but very exciting. To analyze how fruitful it is, use the Backlinks product. It shows all the backlinks the added website has all over the Web. The data is imported from Ahrefs, which means you can trust it because this service collects and analyzes a vast amount of backlinks every day.

These products are essential for any SEO specialist. Additionally, RankActive has other useful features to make their customers work process easier. Imagine that you have a big SEO team and all of the members need access to the data. You can provide it to an individual project and limit the permissions to some of the products. It is very convenient because it may confuse you when there is the access to many tools you don’t need for SEO work. If only necessary data is available, the work becomes more organized, and nothing distracts you from it.

If you want to summarize the work done, you will need reports. And the platform has them. An additional advantage of the toolkit is the possibility to connect White Label: attach the logo of the company to the reports and increase the authority and awareness of your brand. Such small details mean a lot. In general, you can create any report for your projects or even import all data from the table to the Excel file. And here is another life hack – a customer can sort data as he needs it for analysis and then share the generated file with his teammates or clients. For example, show only those keywords that helped a website to gain rankings.

Don’t have time for monitoring ranking data every day? Notification Manager will help you to always be in known how the things are. It is a bit challengeable tool, but it’s worth it. You need to create a trigger and specify a rule on what changes are significant to you. As soon as the system sees those changes, it will send you a notification. This feature saves a lot of time.

RankActive has created a good impression. The All-in-one SEO tool positioning is equal to the platform functionality. There are many features that help to organize working process. Also, this company knows the meaning of the word “support.” If there are any questions or you don’t want to search for the information in the Help Center, you can contact RankActive support team  24/7. They will find the solution to any issue and provide the detailed information about the platform and its functionality.

One more benefit of RankActive is pricing for the provided services. They are competitive considering that there are so many tools organized in a single platform.