Pneumatic tires are one of the most population options in caster applications today. Pneumatic tires are a brilliant invention: they’re rubber wheels mounted on metal hubs.
There are multiple reasons to use these wheels in commercial, industrial, and healthcare environments.

Air-filled casters also save floors, equipment, and cargo loads. Pneumatic casters help your team safely and easily move, maneuver, and transport large loads. These products increase workplace efficiency.

Pneumatic Caster Types

Before selecting any caster, communicate your needs to the resource provider. Depending on your load needs, choose from pneumatic swivel casters, heavy-duty double wheel casters, or no flat casters. Pneumatic casters are particularly useful for cargo containers, large equipment, materials handling, and a wide spectrum of warehouse situations.

Pneumatic casters’ ability to absorb shock can cushion your load. It’s especially important to use pneumatic casters when you’re transporting over a bumpy or uneven surface terrain and your load mustn’t be subjected to impacts or shock.

Pneumatic Tire Benefits

Pneumatic tires offer benefits in many industrial caster applications. They offer maximum shock absorption on and off-road.

Some users say the lighter wheels require a larger swivel lead. It’s important to consider how and when you’ll use pneumatic wheels. Consider the possibility of increased flutter and reduced rollability before you select or design the pneumatic wheel for your team’s industrial caster application. Naturally, it’s essential to monitor air pressure as part of your maintenance process.

No Flat Casters

Moving cargo containers, warehouse goods, food handling equipment, and other items is sometimes a big challenge. Difficulty in maneuvering and moving these items in a tight space frustrates management and staff. Slower movement translates to possible on-the-job injuries, goods damage, and smaller revenues.

No flat casters can help:

• Choose swivel casters (with brakes) when maneuverability is important.
• Select for higher variable weights or fixed plate rubber casters to increase load transport efficiency.

Order no flat casters according to your needs, such as load capacity, plate size, height, or other features. The right casters can help you make carts and specialty equipment to move anything in your industrial, commercial, or medical space.