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Video games often receive a bad reputation as time wasters or health wreckers. The reputation has become so cemented into our daily lives that parents often criticise youngsters for playing video games even if it is for short periods. Scientific research, though, has surprisingly revealed that video games can have a contrasting effect.

Those studies have revealed that video games could have actually several health benefits like improved decision-making abilities, better motor abilities, and could even improve the vision in some cases.

Pitfalls of Video Games

One of the common pitfalls of video games is the amount of time they consume without the knowledge of the player. When a player gets engrossed with the games, it is possible to forget the time fly by. In such instances, it sure does affect the day-to-day routine.

If the video games are seen as excessive time consumers, then the problem is probably with the decision to have chosen a specific game rather than the game itself. This is because there are numerous games that do not consume a lot of time but offer the same kind of entertainment and beneficial abilities as other video games.

Best Video Game Options

Online slot games are best examples of games that do not interfere with day-to-day life. Apart from offering entertainment and beneficial aspects of a normal video game, the online slot games also provide the chance to win real money. The growth of the Internet and smartphones have meant that it is possible to experience slot games at all times.

Players are no longer confined to the requirements of visiting a physical casino in order to play slot games. is a great place to learn more about the online slot games and the best place to experience these games.

Apart from being time-consuming, certain video games are known to live up to the bad reputation. Studies conducted at the Texas A&M in 2010 have revealed that playing violent video games over a long period can result in a hostile character, and they often produce the opposite reaction when it comes to removing the stress out of the system.

A study conducted at the University College in London in 2014 has revealed that playing video games results in a much faster recovery from the stress. Regularly playing video games just after coming from work not only overcomes the stress, but it is also possible to handle any new stress coming in the forthcoming days. The positive effects are not only felt by young adults and children, but senior citizens also seem to gain from the beneficial effects of video games.

Effect on Hormones

It is found that just after playing video games the electroencephalography and heart rate variability factors – which are keenly linked with stress – are seen to drop rapidly suggesting that those video games are having a soothing effect on the individual. This was actually pronounced in the case of casual video games.

While it is not recommended to ask for extremely violent games, playing the social intelligence games actually makes the body reduce the secretion of cortisol hormone – a stress hormone. When playing the social intelligence games, the cortisol secretion is reduced by as much as 17%. It is a huge drop and one that is achieved while having fun. Online slots not only provide these two benefits, but they come in with the third benefit of being able to win real money.


It is recommended that an individual plays video games at least an hour a day. Along with a visit to the gym, it is probably a great tool to keep someone in the best possible shape – physically and mentally. Do you have another opinion on how video games reduce stress?