Photolemur bridges the gap between what our eyes see and what our cameras capture. Photolemur does not change reality but makes it as vibrant, beautiful and natural as it really is. The first thing that strikes once the software installed is it’s more than the minimalist interface. A button to load images at the top left, a function that allows you to zoom to 100% of the pixel size or to adjust to the size of the window. The management of the preview before/after, a tool for reframing and a slider to vary the rendering of a realistic result to a brighter version: here are all the features offered by Photolemur.

Photolemur is indeed an Automatic bulk image enhancement software; it’s an image editing app that is designed to simplify batch image editing dramatically: enhance all your images at once, process RAW files, work with any volume of images.

With its image analysis technology, the software applies automatic corrections of density, contrast, saturation, and sharpness to images to make them brighter and more attractive. It would be able to recognize the different types of shots to apply differentiated corrections depending on the subject, a portrait, a landscape or a macro shot, and depending on the areas of the image – the correction applied to the sky is different from that of foliage or skin, for example.

To launch it, simply drag the image into the software or use the import function. Photolemur can perform batch processing on up to 40 images very fast. The software then applies automatic corrections that can be modulated by moving the cursor at the bottom of the window to the left, for a closer look to the original, or to the right for a more pronounced effect; the software accepts both JPEG and RAW files from more than 800 devices

The Photolemur Full Features

Color Restoration

This technology ensures that your very own photos maintain the bright, the very vivid colors of it real life!

With the majority of cameras out there (or maybe incorrect camera settings), losing the very true brightness of stunning blues, yellows, as well as reds is far too straightforward. And again, each color in amid Automatic color restoration solves this problem for you by adjusting colors instantly to make a beautiful appearance on screen (and on paper).

Sky Improvement

Automatically enhance the sky in the photo, making it more natural and vibrant!

The elegant blues are enhanced by the extra sharpness of clouds, airplanes, birds or other objects in the photo. All in all, Sky Enhancement brings striking colors back to your skies and turns an unbalanced photo into an exposé about the true beauty of the skies. If you use a “traditional” photo editor, the same operation will take much longer.

Exposure Compensation

Provides automatic exposure compensation to lighten dark images and vice versa. The great Photolemur exposure compensation by design will detect and even compensates for imprecise exposure settings out there which might have affected you’re your very own photos. Owing to changes in lighting and programming, digital cameras may not be able to adjust the shutter speeds correctly.

Especially if you take several photos at the same time; Exposure compensation fixes this problem by lightening or darkening the images to compensate for the inconsistencies.

Intelligent Fog Correction

Protects your images from unwanted and unrealistic ambiguities or fog out there!

The Photolemur elegant Dehaze routinely senses and then get rid of abnormal haze, the fog, the dust, also the smog or perhaps annoying inconvenience to improve the photo’s color as well as the general gorgeousness of your very own photos. Even again, you do not have to worry about unrealistic results, as this app learns from every productively corrected image or maybe a photo.

Natural Light Correction

Holds the matching warm or cool tones to represent the time of day best!

Morning, Evening, Dusk or perhaps Dawn- the Photolemur Daylight or Natural light Correction stuff always takes into account the very time of day in your very own photos as well as adjust the tones, the very lighting, and then adjust to highlight the expected colors and lighting of your real life moments. It adapts perfectly to the right elegance of the evening or the appropriate afternoon charm so that you can enjoy the true beauty of a sunrise shared with friends, or a romantic sunset on the beach.

Foliage Magnification

Compensate the lost colors when taking nature pictures!

The Photolemur Foliage magnification auto-pilot selects each one tree, the leaves as well as some other sort of plants or even shrubs, adjusting colors, brightness and also some other traits to bring out the very entirely spectacular expected splendor back to your very own picture. The Sunlight, and the shadows, and also the very branches are likewise known for obtaining a great picture.

Noise Reduction

If you do not know how to improve high-noise images, then Photolemur has the answer and the right technology!

Photolemur Noise Reduction automatically detects and removes unwanted digital noise, most commonly caused by slow shutter speeds in low light conditions. Photos that were taken at night, which could otherwise be destroyed by lightning, are no longer destroyed by salt and pepper sounds. After Denoise has performed his miracle, Photolemur can further analyze the photos and adjust them for the appropriate tint, color, exposure and other variables while maintaining and improving the quality of the photo.

Tint Perfection

Experience the feeling of your photos with the right color again!

The Tint Perfection robotically examines your very own photos to discover the very top color solution – cooler or maybe warmer; this will depend on many variables, which includes the picture as well as its very composition. An appealing bluish tint is saved for a cool scene on the porch at dusk, while the reds only show through a bit more during a summer hike in the Grand Canyon.

Retouch Face

Senses face as well as repair flaws!

Photolemur Face Enhancement automatically detects faces and eliminates bumps or bumps. The Photolemur is such a wonderful photo enhancer application plan. As a result, you will have a real natural, great looking skin on clear as well as vibrant faces.

Jpeg Fix 

The JPEG pictures or images are returned to a neat, clean, and even sharp state by garbled data!

Photelemur JPEG Fix finds and corrects errors in JPEG images by suppressing compression artifacts to improve the quality of images quickly. Retrieve as much of your lost sharpness and clarity as digitally possible, and at the same time clean up unwanted noise caused by an incompletely lossy compression process.

The RAW Support Tech Processing

It Repairs your RAWs with no additional software!

With support for the RAW format and other photo emulsion technologies, you do not have to worry about improving your photo quality over and over again. With the RAW format, the other Photolemur technologies will give you even better results.

Straighten Horizon

Fixes curvy and crooked horizon!

With this very Photolemur software, these things are very easy as well as fast; it works well for Mac that straight away corrects incorrect angles on your very photos.

For those who want to make their own opinion on the software, it’s available on the Photelemur website;

  • Single License One-Time Payment 29 for One Device
  • Family License of One-Time Payment 49 for 5 Devices