Ever find yourself in a department store or in the mall and just surprised at how much fitness gear and healthy food is in there? There was a time when being fit was just this thing we do because we have a lot of free time, now people make time just to workout. It does not matter if it is a workday, they will spend an hour in the gym if it is the only break they get from the office.

Being fit is the best most popular trend we have right now. People are choosing to eat healthy and be more active everyday. But with it comes different clothes, accessories, and equipment. If you know someone who is obsessed with working out, it can be a bit hard to choose among countless fitness products to give for them as gifts.

Here we list down some of the best gifts you can give them during the holidays.


One of the perfect gifts to give the workout buff are a pair of headphones. Music is a big part of working out, it can hype them in just after a few notes. These are not just awesome to use when they are jogging or on that elliptical at the gym, it can also be useful for hiking, biking, or if they can, during a sauna session.


What is better than keeping track of your workout progress? Yes, they can go old school and write down everything from food intake to activities you have done. But you know what, they are already hard at work in the gym, just give them something that works beyond what those apps they have downloaded can. FitBit can track their daily steps, activity, heart rate, water and food intake, sleep patterns, and a whole lot more. If your buddy is very serious and strict about his regimen, this is the perfect gift to give them.

Fruit Blender

One of the most popular trends in fitness is making your own power smoothie. A power blender can go long way; it does not just help them make their healthy juice drinks, but it ensures that all the nutrients that can be found in a fruit or vegetable are in that drink. Some blenders or juicers fail to include the most important bits when you use them, and it is just wasteful. With power blenders, everything you have put into it will be blended perfectly so that the juice remains fresh and healthy.

Workout Clothes

They can never have too many workout clothes. There are many kinds to choose from: you have the leggings, which are different from the normal ones they use when they go out with you and your friends. The shirt that absorbs sweat, workout shoes, socks, and so on. You also have the accessories like the supporters for ankles, knees, and other joints.

Gym Bag

Think of shopping for gym bags like you are shopping for travel bags: it has to be spacious, but not too big. It is a big plus if it is water resistant. There has to be space for shoes. Test it out with other items while you are in the store, for instance, put in two towels, rubber shows, and two shirts. If it feels light even if it is filled with items, get that.

Your gym rat friends will definitely appreciate any gift that you will give them. But it would be very exciting to see their reactions once you have given them a gift that helps them with their workout. And you know what, why not get yourself one as well and start your fitness journey with them. Have an awesome and healthy holiday season!