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 Additional income is something most of us could use – to pay for the studies, to go out more or to buy that computer we’ve always wanted. Gladly you can earn some extra money online and it could be easier than most people think. In this article, you’ll find a few online business ideas that will earn you some extra money.

 Start A Dropshipping Business

Print on Demand Drop Shipping – Shopify App Store is a brilliant idea for those who want to start an online business with zero investments. Some may say that it is not possible to start a business with no investments, and it’s partially true – because you’ll need to invest in advertisement. Other than that, everything is going to be taken care of by the third party. You’ll only need to worry about creating the designs.

App Development


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 We use apps every day, therefore, there are many specialists who create apps every single day. There is a really high demand for new apps nowadays because people tend to lose their interest very fast and start searching for something new very often.

Website Development

Creating a new website is often a business start for so many projects. Sandy, there are so many businesses who start a business plan from a website, but never find suppliers and never use the new website But it’s an advantage for web developers – there’s clearly a high demand for the service.

Remote Technician

Technology makes our lives so much easier, yet it isn’t perfect and often experiences technical difficulties that might have high damage to a business. That’s why remote technicians are really appreciated and needed to solve these technical problems.

Article Writer

If you’re good with writing, you could start a freelance writing career and write for other websites, blogs, news websites, and companies. But you can also start a website of your own and write for it. If you’ll want to make money from it, you’ll have to include some paid reviews into it.

Facebook Specialist

Facebook pages require way much more work that it might seem. The whole work starts with understanding the goals and creating a strategy. Afterward, it is very important to keep consistent and decide how frequent and active you want to be as a brand.

Instagram Specialist


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 Instagram generates an enormous amount of visual content every day. More and more businesses are looking into the opportunity to start promoting on this huge platform. But as you can see how many content needs to be created, an Instagram specialist can help out a lot at this part of marketing.

Influencer Marketing

Everybody’s talking about influencers nowadays. And there’s no doubt they create a great value for so many companies. But how a company chooses their perfect influencer? They use services of professionals who help them find the influencers who suit their brand best.

Become A Podcaster

Podcasting is great in so many ways. It’s a great self-realization form and it has a great influence on our society because more and more people choose to listen to podcasts over music. More to it – you can become a podcaster yourself and even earn a great deal of money from it.

Start An Online Shop

Selling online might be much easier than most people think. All you need to do is choose and buy a domain, pick out a template for your online store, and use wordpress forms in order to create a contact form an and order form. This way you’ll avoid the cost of hiring a professional developer to create the forms from zero. Also, make sure that you provide an easy payment process for your clients.

Sell Your Own Courses

In this case, any kind of skills that you have will come in handy, if it’s possible to use them in order to teach others. You can do this business in two ways. One way is to organize online courses where people would participate online or to record/film the course and simply sell it on your website of specialized platforms.