Google’s Android operating system is single-handedly the most widely used in the entire world. There is a myriad of make and models of devices that function on it, and for what it’s worth, it’s easy to understand why. Android is a fun and effective operating system that manages to always bring out the most out of almost any device. The OS is currently at its seventh installment, which is called Android Nougat. Many devices have already been updated to it, and some will follow in the next few months.

Project Android O

However, while Android 7.0 Nougat launched not too long ago, Google are already up and at it, and are working hard on a new Android OS project. Rumor has it that the ‘O’ stand for Oreo, but we’ll just have to wait for that to be confirmed. In the meantime, there are already some manufacturers that have expressed their intentions to upgrade devices to the upcoming Android O, which is surprising seeing as the OS didn’t even launch yet. However, the dedication is to be appreciated for sure. So what devices are we talking about?

OnePlus – The New Smartphone Giant

Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus has gained some fame in the industry lately for pushing out high-quality devices that are becoming more and more comparable to even the most expensive of alternatives (yes, Apple, we’re looking at you). The two most popular devices in their smartphone line are the OnePlus 3 and the OnePlus 3T.

Customers simply love these devices because they are elegant and effective, and fun as well. Not only is the OnePlus 3 or the OnePlus 3T an effective tool for you to communicate and organize your affairs, but it also has a great potential for entertainment. You can play the latest games or listen to your favorite tunes, and the phone won’t freeze or crash when you’re having the most fun. And for those that love to customize their phone, the OnePlus 3 and 3T are also great at that. For example, you can find ringtones for the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T here.

OnePlus Jumps the Gun on Android O

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau recently took to Twitter to announce that, as soon as Google releases a stable version of Android O on the market, the OnePlus 3 and 3T will be updated for it. This comes as great news for the users of these devices, as well as those of us that plan on acquiring one soon. And it also shows how involved the company is in making their phones the best on the market, which is refreshing and inspiring to witness in this industry. Good job, OnePlus!