New Technology Helps Kids Cope With Smartphone Addiction

How much time does your child spend on their smartphone? Does it improve or interfere in their lives? Are they the ones in control or is it their devices?

Smartphones can be very addictive, with a myriad of negative impacts.  However, there are companies like that help make viable solutions that create apps to help with these sorts of issues.

Today, the purpose is to explore an all-new technology that promises to avert device addiction in children. Let’s get started!

Smartphone Case That Helps Prevent Smartphone Addiction in Children

If you feel that your children are so much  into their devices, which are eating too much of their time and negatively affecting their lives, there could be an effective solution for you.

The solution comes in the form of a smartphone case. The case is developed by Momo Ltd, a Kobe city-based Japanese venture firm. It promises to help you prevent your kids from being addicted to their hand-held devices. It’s a kind of technology that any parent would want to invest in.

What’s in the Smartphone Case; How Does it Work?

You can only remove this case using a specific screwdriver. It comes with an app, through which you can set time limitations on your child’s smartphone.

The case also has motion detectors built into it. Known as OTOMOS, these motion detectors have the ability to turn off the phone when your child is walking. In so doing, it prevents them from checking their phones while on the move.

Moreover, the revolutionary smartphone case can send automatic text messages directly to your phone whenever it detects a significant physical shock, like an accident.

What Inspired this Invention?

According to the president of Momo Ltd, Masato Otsu, they created the case after hearing many concerns of parents who have smartphone savvy children.

Namely, the device is geared towards addressing the parents’ worries about the health effects as well as the potential dangers their children are subjected to, thanks to the excessive use of their mobile devices.

In fact, in 2016, about 1700 children were victimized. This is almost a 200% increase over the last eight years. Over 86% of these children fell victim through their smartphones, most of which had unlimited internet access.

Across the world, there emerged reports that children were becoming cross-eyed due to excessive use of their smartphones. Following the challenges children are facing due to excessive use of mobile devices, many global companies are developing apps and software to help parents regulate their children’s internet access. For instance, there’s an app that will alert you of inappropriate pictures being sent to your child’s device.

Final Thoughts

The use of mobile devices can be very addictive, especially to children. This can have far-reaching negative impacts on their lives. Fortunately, this new technology brings some hope to parents who have children that use smartphones. The revolutionary smartphone is expected to hit markets by August 2017.

Hence, if you feel the excessive use of mobile devices is interfering with your child’s life, this could be your perfect solution. The device is very easy to use; you just have to attach the case on your child’s phone and monitor it through an app on your own phone.