There is good news for casinos and the gambling communities. As of september 2017, Google has updated its gambling policy in favour of both the casinos and its players. The new Google play gambling policy implemented in the United Kingdom and some parts of Europe will allow the distribution of gambling apps within Google Play Store. This new development will ensure that the new gambling apps being developed meet the Google standard. The ban, which was lifted on gambling and betting apps, will increase the number of expected users placing bets online using mobile apps by over 40%. This is an important opportunity for mobile gambling industry as a whole and most especially Android as Apple iPhone have been dominating the market share.

There will be a trial run for the UK, France and the Republic of Ireland but an expansion of this list is likely to take place if things go well. Certain Google and Andriod conditions, documentations and requirements need to be in place before casinos can distribute their apps. These terms and conditions (local laws and industrial standards) are both beneficial to the casinos and the general population. In the UK, casinos will require an official license from the gambling commission (country of application) for online games of chance such as poker, slot machines and sportsbetting. Games of chance license holders will have to protect its players from gambling addiction by putting some measures in place such as displaying the monetary losses a player accumulates while gambling.

These apps can not be used in other countries not covered by the license and underage users are not permitted to use these apps. Appropriate information and signs such as responsible gambling messages should be on display. The whole application process will be similar to Apple’s application process but a longer approval time is required to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s. Google is will also be lenient with gambling related advertisements in other Play Store apps as long as licensing requirements and local industrial standards are met. The downside to this new gambling policy is that all Google payment services such as Play Store credit via IAPs can not be used for transactions. Not to worry if this is a problem as the web-based mobile version of the casinos will still be available. Alternatively, you could always play most slot games for free on aggregate sites like Tux Slots.

This new development will amass new players as people will no longer be limited to software downloads directly from gambling websites. It will also encourage gaming developers to create more mobile friendly games while utilizing the latest Android technology and features. This is a splendid chance for casino apps to grow its Andriod customer base. We will also see a shift from web-based mobile casinos via third party channels to casino apps for its benefits such as awesome graphics, push notifications, easy accessibility, unlimited playtime and other unique features. The most important thing for a player is to find the casino app that is compatible with your smartphone OS or IOS, aligns with your wants and needs and you are good to go.