The way people watch movies and TV shows have changed immensely in the last few years. The popularity and success of Netflix has made online viewing a great trend. Big brands have been trying to compete and make a name for themselves by providing the same level of features and a smaller cost. Amazon has its handful of investment in various areas that can increase its customer range. With Amazon Prime video they have been able to attract many viewers to watch and build a more extensive set.

How to select the right option?

There are many free movie streaming websites and applications available, and people who don’t want to spend any money in watching their favorite film often get attracted to free movie streaming website however not all of them are reliable. With so many options available for the customers to be used movie online it is recommended to compare Netflix vs. Amazon vs. Free Movie Streaming to understand which among them is suitable for your needs. We have listed down below some of the points that can help you make your decision

1.The cost of subscription on Netflix is much higher than Amazon and if you are a prime member then you get access to the original videos from Amazon free of charge. Free movie streaming also does not require you to invest anything.

2.As far as the quality of content is concerned Netflix has the upper hand. They keep updating their movie database with the latest releases and even old classic based on your preferences.

3.The user interface of both Netflix and Amazon Prime is very good, but in the case of a free movie streaming website you will have the trouble of regular advertisement and pop up to destroy your movie experience

4.Both Netflix and Amazon keep coming with their original ‘Prime shows’ that you are not going to find anywhere else. With free movie streaming, you are only going to get movies that are already in the theatre or the ones that were released long back.

5.For high-quality videos, Netflix asks for you and additional price where else Amazon Prime gives you the best quality content available rate.

As far as video buffering if concern the speed of your internet connection will determine the experience but if you have a slow connection, you will have mo challenges in accessing Amazon content because of the high-resolution video that it provides where the Netflix you can opt for a standard subscription instead are.

So what should be your choice?

Every user has different expectations from online viewership, and If you are looking for quality content and subscription cost does not bother you much then Netflix has to be your choice, and it is continuing to increase its viewers count for the same reason. To save money its recommended to go with free Movie Streaming websites but make sure that you use only reliable ones such as Xmovies8. Amazon prime video is an excellent choice for those looking for midway between quality and price.