There have been some big changes in the last few years regarding millennial TV viewing habits. This has been a game changer for several cable and satellite providers as younger people are leaning more towards internet-based options such as Amazon, Hulu, and the most popular one of them all, Netflix.

With this being said, there has been much cord cutting occurring among millennials as they are looking for a more convenient and affordable way to watch their favorite shows and movies. The rate of cord cutting is accelerating quite rapidly with studies showing that one in four millennials don’t use cable services anymore.

What Is Cord Cutting?

This term refers to the act of switching from a traditional cable package to other services like the ones mentioned above (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc.). There are some pros and cons to doing so. However, many millennials have been taking part in this trend for a few reasons, the main ones being:

  • Convenience. Users can now watch their favorite shows from their smartphone or video game counsel. As long as they have a strong internet connection and membership with the provider, they’re able to conveniently enjoy a TV series or movie.
  • Cost Effective. In comparison with cable services, switching to a service such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon can significantly reduce costs spent, saving millennials quite a bit of money.

While cord cutters exist, they do miss out on extra services that online, internet-based providers can’t give them. For instance, many individuals don’t participate in this cord-cutting trend if they don’t want to say goodbye to live coverage of news and sports.

Many people, including younger crowds, are still willing to pay slightly higher prices to enjoy real-time TV. A great alternative to consider before “cutting the cord” completely, is a satellite service, and we are here to direct you to one of the leading options on the market!

How Millennials Can Benefit from a Satellite Service

A satellite service makes it possible for millennials to enjoy sports, premium channels and movies at a much lower price than cable. This type of service is ideal for young people who live in a rural area, are tech-savvy, or huge national sports fans. Since millennials fall into at least one of these categories, they benefit the most from this type of service.

As mentioned earlier, with the new TV habits shown by millennials, satellite providers have been encouraged to improve their services to tailor to the wants of younger people. They have made some big improvements, leading to increased benefits for consumers. Here are a few perks to satellite services:

  • Satellite offers a large range of channels along with thousands of movies and shows available for purchase.
  • This alternative meets high definition standards and offers a great selection of national HD channels.
  • It is a cost-effective option, saving individuals money in comparison to other services such as cable.
  • This alternative to cable or online streaming will never go out of style due to its functionality and continuous improvements.

A reliable provider that has been around for several years is DISH network. They have recently revamped their services and have been attracting younger crowds. Their satellite services give millennials a great way to enjoy their favorite shows, movies, and channels all at an amazing cost.

DISH network specials are giving new customers the best pricing available anywhere. Their promo deal includes over 190 channels, and alongside this, they are giving away a free smart DVR and voice remote. They offer great sport and movie channels for those who are not ready to give them up!

Consequently, with the tech savviness of millennials, this option is made easy by ordering DISH online. There are several bonuses to take advantage of with the promo deal offered. A satellite service gives consumers – including younger people – an enjoyable, affordable, and convenient way to experience their favorite channels.