Technology is developing at a skyrocketing pace now, and a usual user may find it very hard to keep pace of its changes and advancements on a daily basis. Definitely, 2017 was a hot year for many technological startups and ideas, but 2018 promises to be even more interesting and exciting in terms of technology offers and innovations! So, what to expect from techno-giants in 2018? Which changes will occur in the technological industry and change the way in which people use technology thus far? Let’s find out what material is the most topical for essay help services in terms of Technology essay writing to be ahead of the trends!

More Artificial Intelligence

Though artificial intelligence (AI) is not a new concept, it’s expected to be on the rise in 2018, with new breakthroughs in the technology expected to change the ways in which computers learn. Massive improvement of AI capabilities was observed in the past decade, which is in part attributable to data and computing power enhancements. Thus, the incremental growth of data input into computing systems has made them much more capable of learning and advancing, and we may expect machines to perform more human tasks in the next couple of years. At present, computers already possess the ability to see, read, and speak. Some innovative machines even can detect human emotions and process that data for a variety of purposes. As for new applications, 2018 really has much in store for users in terms of AI; more companies are integrating AI solutions into their product design, and the coming year will also witness some innovative presentations of human-like creations.

Virtual Reality

Virtual, or augmented, reality, is another new word of 2018. Much has already been done in this field in 2017 and some years before, but virtual reality tools and devices are still perceived as something exotic. The task of designers and engineers in the coming year is to make virtual reality products more commonplace, understandable and affordable for common users. In case AR/VR products enter the consumer market, the content and gaming industries are to experience a revival, and a new vibrant market is to emerge. Many users are already excited about exploring the new worlds with the help of AR/VR helmets; this technology sector is thus a very promising and commercially viable one for the future.

The Time of Robots

The times of robots are coming; science fiction books and films are already gradually implemented in life, and everything we considered sci-fi is gradually becoming the accustomed reality. One of such things of the future that is transferring into present is the use of ultra-small robots in various spheres, such as, for instance, medicine. Nanotechnology is already here, and medical scientists and engineers are developing new technological solutions to make robots small enough to perform micro-surgical manipulations inside the human body. This innovation promises to become a true breakthrough in the field of medicine, since edible robots able to get to the troublesome organ or place and deliver treatment in the location of the disease without the need to conduct traumatizing surgery is a dream of anyone. This is a path to individualized, non-intrusive healthcare of a fundamentally new level of quality, so millions of people wait for this innovative practices implementation with impatience.

Evolution of Transportation

Not only technology in our common understanding, such as AI, robots, and data processing, will change in the coming year – this also refers to the ways in which we move around. Transportation is another problematic issue of the modern civilization; we all want our vehicles to become eco-friendlier, more powerful, and at the same time more comfortable and tech-equipped. Sometimes this seems to be a contradictory set of requirements, but car producers invest huge sums of money into seeking new ways of making cars ideal, and their progress is evident. The future is for electric and hybrid vehicles, given the depletion of natural resources and the gradual distancing of consumers from petrol. Thus, 2018 is forecast to become the final year in which traditional vehicles working on petrol will dominate the market, with the change towards preference for electric vehicles setting the trend.

Increasing Power of Data

Data is everywhere, and its quantity, quality, functions, and applications are changing. Overall, as experts say, our world is experiencing massive datafication, so we should expect further explosion of data in the year to come. One of the expected trends in 2018 is the increasing customization of user experiences and the use of smart solutions for that purpose. Users like to see that the company remembers their choices and knows their preferences, so user data will be increasingly applied for these aims. Another new trend for everyone to know and consider is the use of lo-fi sensors – the ones that capture data about people’s behavior without their personally identifying details. This innovation is aimed for developing better customer experiences based on big data, but at the same time not compromising the privacy of individual users.

H2: Internet of Things

Finally, an essential trend of 2018 that cannot be neglected in our review is definitely the Internet of Things (IoT); this is a totally new concept revealing the way in which smart devices’ use evolves nowadays. The IoT is a medium in which devices are interconnected to create an individual user experience. Each person now has a set of tools that work for his or her benefit and fulfil some specific goals – be it tracking of the user’s physical activity, sleep and eating patterns, Web use, alarm clock settings, etc. Technology now rules many aspects of our lives, and IoT makes it all interconnected into a holistic system. The best about IoT is that all data is synchronized and processed without human intervention, so all you receive is a set of benefits. Your technological devices will track your life, elicit patterns, give you advice and assessment of outcomes, and will store your individual history of preferences.

This is generally it – the most expected and surely hottest trends in the tech-world for 2018. Want to remain tech-savvy? Keep these trends in mind, acquire the new technological devices to be in trend, and wait for a bunch of new ones to come.