If you are looking for ways to monitor the WhatsApp Messages you have reached the right place. App developers have been able to create whatsapp spy app with the help of which the user of the spy app can track whatsapp messages, calls, emails, text messages and even Facebook messages sent and received by the target device. These spy apps have the compatibility will all types of smartphones like Android, IOS devices, Blackberry etc.

There are many whatsapp spy app available in the virtual world with each of them having some or the other features that are superior from its competition. Here we are going to feed our readers information about the mSpy spy app which is ruling as the best spy app in the market.

Reasons for tracking or monitoring a smartphone:

Before we move forward to understand the software used to monitor the activities of the target device, you should also know the significance of this spy app ad how it is beneficial for managing your various relationships:


The Internet is the most unsafe place for kids especially if they are left on their own without ant monitoring. They can fall prey to the various dangers of cyber crime, cyber bullying, sexting, pornography etc. lurking in the dark corners of the World Wide Web very easily and can risk their future as well as their lives. We do not trust our children with strangers then why trust a strange world and hence spy apps like mSpy serve a great purpose for parents where they can monitor and interfere in the activities performed by their children on the Internet.


Nowadays, every business needs the aid of the Internet and because of this reason; the company is obliged to give away office sponsored smartphones to their employees. But in more cases than one the employee tends to use the official device for things which are non-productive to the business hence wasting precious office hours. These spy apps, when installed in the smartphones given to the employees, can make the employees more productive as they are aware that the boss is keeping an eye on their activities.


Nothing is worse than having your trust broken, especially in a husband-wife relationship. Even trivial doubts can lead to disastrous ends to old relationships which can be saved with the use of spy apps which can either confirm or deny your every doubt about the person you are involved with.

Now that we are aware the importance and the uses of spy apps let us have a look at the review of mSpy:

The key and the most noteworthy features of the mSpy app are as follows:

  • Monitoring whatsapp messages: with the help of the mSpy app the user can gain access to all the whatsapp chats through their personalized mSpy control panel.
  • Tracking all calls and messages: track all the incoming and outgoing calls and SMS’s from and to the target device along with the name of the sender and the receiver of the calls and SMS’s and the duration and time stamp of the calls.
  • Tracking the device through GPS: know the exact geographical location of the person you are trying to track with the help of this feature.
  • Monitoring e-mails: know when the user of the target device sends or receives emails along with the name of the sender and receiver and also the contents of the e-mail.
  • Monitor all social networking activities: manage and track activities of the user of the target device on all the social networking sites like Snapchat, Viber, Skype, Facebook etc.
  • Keylogger: this is the feature of the mSpy app which will allow you to track each and every keystroke entered into the target device by its user.
  • Geo-fencing: this is a very useful feature especially for parents who want to know the places visited by their children. Here you can allot virtual boundaries which when breached by your children, you will be immediately notified.
  • Accessing web history: the browser of the target device can be anytime accessed with the help of this app and you can have all the information about the sites visited by the user. You also have the option of remotely blocking the unwanted or inappropriate sites.

How to set up the mSpy app?

Setting up the app is immensely easy and can be completed in 3 easy steps:

  1. Choosing a subscription plan according to your needs of a spy app. You only have to provide some personal information along with a valid and working e-mail id as this is where all the instructions related to the installation process will be sent.
  2. You will receive a link on your e-mail id through which you will be able to download and install the app. For downloading the app on the target device you will need the physical access of the device for a few minutes. After the installation login to the control panel of mSpy with the help of the credentials sent via e-mail and you are good to go.
  3. After customizing the control panel you can immediately start tracking the activities of the target device.

Using mSpy is very easy even for a person who is not so tech savvy. So go ahead and use the app and gain the peace of mind guaranteed by the app makers.