One great thing about certain mobile applications is the fact that they can expand your cultural world while you’re on the go. In the past, you may have had to go to certain places to read books about different cultures. Or maybe you had to sit in front of a desktop to access programs or information about different cultures. But now, that access is on your mobile phones and tablets!

As a few examples, some apps describe and illustrate certain holidays, and then there are map apps to explore, news aggregates, and language applications. All those can be installed on your mobile phone, and you can browse through them whenever you feel like it.

Apps that Describe Holidays

Do you have friends that are part of a culture that’s different than yours in terms of history and holidays? If so, you can install holiday apps that will describe to you what different people’s celebrations are all about. Good applications have all sorts of links to primary sources and will offer multimedia experiences as part of their explanations. Never again will you feel left out in the dark when it comes to knowing about certain cultural holidays!

Map Apps

Geography is a huge part of a culture. Now, you can have access to pretty much any map in the world, and you can even look around on Google Street view in a lot of different places. Most people have seen the Google cars driving all over the world with their video cameras on. Now, with a few button pushes on your phone, you can see all of these places nearly in real time. This type of exploration is a fantastic way to expand your worldview without ever having to leave your living room.

News Aggregates

Culture can often come in the form of news from other countries and locations as well. If you look for the best news aggregator apps, you’ll find that you have a lot of options regarding what news you can read about and when. By skimming headlines from other countries regularly, you’ll have a much stronger idea of the connections between events in your life and events around the globe.

Language Applications

Though it is always beautiful to learn a new language, not everyone has the time. But, thanks to new applications, you can communicate with just about anyone as long as you have a cell phone and some Internet access. You can use translation apps to record what other people are saying and have it translated to you, or record what you’re saying, and have it translated to them. This is a great way to have conversations with people where a language barrier would have existed in the past.