Advertising your business is one of the most important things you need to do to ensure that it remains profitable and can grow. One way that companies love to promote themselves is through the use of  promotional products, products printed with your company’s logo and artwork, as they are both cheap and can be very effective when used properly. However, there are a lot of different ways that these products can be used for and knowing what the best usage is can be tricky. That is why we are going to discuss various ways that promotional merchandise can be used for to help you decide how you could or should be using your branded items.

Trade Shows

Probably the most prominent use of promotional products, trade shows allow you to get face-to-face with your customers and sell your services directly to them. This makes it easy to give them a little item to make your brand more memorable to them and make them more likely to go to you over your competitors. That’s why branded merchandise is so popular because it is a cost effective way to supply your customers and prospects with a useful tool that will remind them of your brand every time it is used.

Extras alongside main item

When competition is thick and fierce in your industry, you want to convince customers that they should go with you over your any other option. One way that can convince people to purchase with you is by supplying a bonus item that they will receive for free for purchasing a specific product or meeting certain criteria. Getting the free item increases their perceived value for money and will appreciate the free item that they would receive, thus making them more likely to go with you for those benefits.

Standalone product for sale

Some companies use promotional products as a way of driving sales directly, using them as a product that the customers can purchase from you. This is because the high quality of promotional merchandise usually meets the standards of a company’s main line of products and are high enough value for customers to actually pay money for. Products like printed bags are very successful in this regard as people like to buy it while visiting the store to carry everything else they have purchased in. They also sell very well on online stores as well.

Direct mail marketing

Although direct mail marketing has dwindled since the advent of email, it is still a very effective form of marketing that companies are still taking advantage of. Its effectiveness is shown by the fact that most emails are left unread in the inbox for lots of people but most people check and open their post almost every day. That’s why getting a surprise gift from a company through the mail can be a very great reminder of your brand as you know your investment is not likely to be wasted and will have a long-lasting effect on your customer.

Gifts for your favourite customers

Customers that have spent a lot of money with your brand are the customers you want to keep sweet to persuade them to purchase more. That’s why businesses like to send promotional gifts to customers as a treat as it keeps them happy with your brand and less likely to switch to one of your competitors. If you include your company details like phone numbers and email addresses in the print, they will now have a new and convenient way get in contact with you when they need your produce in the future.

Here are just a few ways that promotional products can be used to boost the sales of a company. Whether it be directly or indirectly, lots of companies understand the impact that printing your logo onto products and getting them into the hands of your clients can have. Hopefully this has helped you plan out your marketing strategies by giving you some ideas of what could work for you.