Developing a startup is a delicate matter and much depends on the quality of the relationship between the customer and the development team. At Sloboda Studio, we are sure it is difficult to create a product that will succeed without having respect and understanding of goals within the team. In fact, the development company should be your business partner and friend to get a high-quality result, because what kind of cooperation will be, such will be the final product of development. How to make developers your friends and go the way to the top of success hand in hand to the end, read in this article.

In general, we can distinguish such features of really good cooperation and well-coordinated work:

  • The customer and the development company are honest with each other, fulfill their duties and promises.
  • Both sides do not doubt the competence of each other, they listen to the opinion and try to find the best solution against their own ambitions.
  • Constant collaboration. The cooperation begins as early as possible so that the developers could participate in the discussion of the project at the earliest stage.

Remember that in any conflict, the regulator must be a client: his interests are always in the first place, and only then follow other ideas for improvement. Let’s consider in more detail the common problems and solutions that allow the most effective achievement of the quality of the product for the client.


Before contacting development professionals for help, you probably already have a customer base, or established business processes, the needs of which is important in the development of a new web product, to take into account. For this reason, it is very important that the development team knows about such intricacies in detail, and could better embody it in the product. That is why you will need to explain a lot, but without this, it will be impossible to avoid disagreements and conflicts. Your goal is to create conditions for the successful completion of the project, and for this, you need a full understanding of the problem by the developers. Well, the sooner you explain it to the core, the more effective your cooperation will be.


A good developer does not just do his job well. He has an understanding of the product, and he is ready to put all his experience and knowledge into its embodiment. But how to stimulate the creativity of the team through the establishment of relationships? We believe that for this we need to present developers to end users. This raises the bar of involvement of performers in the project and gives the opportunity to directly contact customers and understand its needs. Then the developers feel more responsible for their actions, carefully think through the work, which makes it possible to reduce the number of reviews. Also, the developer feels that his work is valued, and is more likely to pour his own life into the project.


Despite the wide choice of companies engaged in web development are presented on the market, really good specialists are still highly valued. In addition, we are all people and professionals in our business, therefore respect and recognition of the results of work are a necessity for establishing trustful and successful relationships. Those developers that you need, always count on long cooperation and careful study of tasks. If you are not ready for such close cooperation, perhaps you should consider other options for cooperation. But if you still choose a company for web development, value your team as if it is a part of your company, be their friends and reliable partners who understand the complexity of their work and evaluate them on their merits.


There are many ways to make your partnership with the developer company effective, but also there are many ways to bring all efforts to naught. The task of any project leader is to ensure that cooperation remains comfortable and productive for both sides. Therefore, we sincerely hope that our advice will help you to establish cooperation and achieve high success in your endeavors.