There was a time when participation was a very difficult process. Most lotteries were at one time restricted to a particular geographical location and to residents of that particular area. This curtailed the participation of people in lotteries and caused the lottery prizes and funds to be very small. However, today, the situation has changed. The invention of the internet helped not a lot of businesses and companies including the lottery sector. With the coming of the internet, the geographical barrier was shattered thanks to the creation of online gaming and lottery websites.

These lottery websites play an important role in the marketing and advertisement of lotteries which helps make the lottery popular, increases lottery funds and gives people from different parts of the world a chance to participate in this lotteries without actually having to reside where the lottery is held. An example of such a website is Lottosend. Lottosend is an online lottery ticket service that gives millions of players from around the world a chance to participate in some of the biggest and well-known licensed lotteries in the world, by offering them trustworthy, simple and comfortable lottery services.

With Lottosend, users can play lotteries such as the Powerball, the EuroMillions, the OzLotto, the SuperEnalotto and the Mega Millions by using their PCs or mobile devices. With a well-trained team of professionals with years of experience in the lottery and gaming industry, players are offered a very seamless and stress-free way to play renowned lotteries by selecting their numbers either through Quick Pick or themselves and letting the Lottosend team do the rest. Once the lottery is played and your ticket is successful, Lottosend will notify the player of his/her winnings.

  • Accessibility

A very important aspect of Lottosend which sets it aside from other online lottery service websites is the fact that players can play a wide range of top-notch lotteries using just a laptop or a PC. Also, with Lottosend, players control how and when they want to play and no matter the amount they win, the entire value of their winnings are theirs. For every ticket bought, Lottosend sends the scanned copy to the player. When results are published, Lottosend helps to notify players should they win. Earnings are then instantly deposited into the winner’s account.This makes Lottosend a safe and reliable method of playing not only local lotteries but also international lotteries such as the US Powerball, the Australian Powerball or the Mega Millions

  • Security

Another issue which makes Lottosend stand out in the online lottery sector is Security. With the amount of threats in today’s global world, the greatest concern of persons who perform financial transactions online is the safety of their funds and transactions. Lottosend has thrashed the issue of security as all pages of their website are protected by 128-bit and the COMODO. Given the fact that winnings are directly deposited to players’ accounts, it is important to make sure that the security of these funds is flawless. Lottosend provides that assurance.

  • Ease of use and Convenience

Lottosend is one of the few lottery websites which takes care of the needs of all their customers regardless of country by providing more than 56 different payment options and types with most of them local in nature. This means that no matter where you are in the world, it is possible for you to find a familiar and convenient payment option available to you with which you can purchase your ticket or deposit funds into your account on their website. This also helps increase Lottosend’s credibility as such services are not available to anyone.

Also, the easy and user-friendly nature of the websites meets all the qualities of an online lottery service website. Currently accessible in ten different languages including French, English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Romanian and Suomalainen, Lottosend provides an easy and comfortable platform for players from different parts of the world who speak different languages. Also, their section on “Frequently Asked Questions” includes easily comprehensive answers to different questions related to playing lotteries, lottery results and other related issues. Also, the fact that they offer some history on the different lottery games and past winners makes the website professional and more trustworthy.

  • Customer Service

A key distinguishing feature of Lottosend is its customer service department. Their support department is very committed to helping players not just by sending emails but also via live chat and phone calls. While it is not clearly stated that their customer service department works 24/7, they are always to provide answers and solutions to customers’ questions and complaints in a very friendly and welcoming manner.

  • Winnings at LottoSend

While Lottosend charges a fee for their excellent and exceptional lottery-related services, they do not take any fee or percentage of winnings. Winnings via Lottosend are deposited in full into the player’s account with the exception of jackpots for which winners have to claim themselves. Once the winnings are deposited into the player’s account, only the player can withdraw the funds from his or her account via bank transfer.

  • Multi-Draw Discounts

Another lovable feature of Lottosend is that they offer up to 20% in discounts for multi-draw purchases. They also offer new comers a 100% bonus without restriction on up to 30% and big discounts on Spanish lotteries like the El Gordo de la Primitiva. Also, they offer up to 20% discount for all Lotto Exposed visitors which players can claim by simply adding “EXPOSED” to their ticket.

The Lottosend online lottery service website is a very easy, convenient and reliable way for players and lovers of lotteries who wish to play as many internationally renowned lotteries. Given the fact that it currently offers lottery services for over 12 international lotteries, it is one of the few sites that can offer users such a wide variety of lottery services on a single platform. If you overlook the fact that they offer just one withdrawal option – the bank withdrawal option, you will come to the realization that Lottosend is by far amongst the top online lottery websites in the world.