Instagram consists of different niches which is largely responsible for its success. Many accounts are probably functioning best on Instagram with dozens of exciting posts, creative following lists and thousands of followers. You are very well aware of the competition on the Instagram platform where people are looking for creative ways to increase their user base count. They are trying every method and are working on various strategies that could actually help. You can also dive into the helpful strategies that can also help in growing your Instagram base counts.

  • Working on ways of improving Engagement techniques: Believe it or not, an engagement technique can be a useful and beneficial strategy. You can start improving your engagement skill is by trying liking and commenting on other people’s posts. It is a great way of building the relationship, and you can improve your engagement metrics. Once you start doing it, you will find that other people will also start taking an interest in your Instagram account and shall start reverting your likes and comments. The other way to increase the engagement is to start using hashtags with respect to your content. People like the variation in their reading material, and if they find your work interesting, then they may reach you through your related hashtag. Often people get busy with other work and don’t get much time to work on the engagement The best ideas will be hiring a contractor who on your behalf can take care of your account. You will see the difference in your Instagram growth.
  • Using the unbelievable power of hashtag: It seems like now people need a reason to create a new hashtag. You can see dozens of new hashtagseveryday, and people are tremendously using them in their content because they are the powerful resource who can help an account to get maximum visibility from other people on Instagram. People will like your genuine contents and thus grow your account.
  • Instagram photo-sharing mechanism: Instagram was at first the photo-sharing app where dozens of people uploaded their photos and enjoy it when people comment on it or like it. But you should be careful with the quality of photos. You need to upload your personal photos with good photography skill and quality. Share fine content images and restrict uploading non-sense part on the Instagram
  • Partnering up with powerful Instagram Influencer: You know that how big an influencer account be. It will be great that you try to build a relationship where you can feature your relative image from the influencer’s account. You will get the maximum visibility and good exposure. And you will start seeing the growth. You need to look for the signature style that can stand you out unique of all.


Instagram growth can be achieved with a right set of approach and determination. There are millions, and the competition is high, and if you want to expand the Instagram, you should build a structured plan.