IMAX is one of the most immersive ways to enjoy motion pictures, enveloping viewers in a cinematic experience unlike any other. With unparalleled scale and resolution, this experience is typically reserved for the few cinemas that offer IMAX viewing.

However, home cinema company Cornflake have recently unveiled their decadent £1 million IMAX home cinema project. A three tiered 15-seat theatre with 5.5m wide curved IMAX screen, the luxurious home cinema comes complete with a Dual 4k projector and IMAX sound system, ensuring crisp visuals and audio to match.

There are countless intricacies to this highly advanced build, all drawn together to ensure the best possible viewing experience. Built below ground, the Cornflake team had to lower the basement floor by 1m in order to create the space needed for the three tiered home cinema. Soundproofed and with acoustically transparent screens covering the speakers and subwoofers, no detail is overlooked in this impressive installation, ensuring viewers are enveloped in sound. What’s more, lavish reclining seats come complete with 3D glasses to ensure the top level of comfort and enticing visuals.

Overcoming Challenges

Yet, creating such a high tech home cinema does not come without its challenges.Though IMAX offers three different cinema design templates for home theatres (with this project based on the Theatre Palais option), the implementation of this involves adapting the same technology used in large-scale IMAX theatres to smaller private home spaces, where seating can range from five up to 20.

Taking a system designed for much larger space and making it work to the same capacity alongside other household essentials like lighting and streamed content involved careful and complex design and customisation. In order to achieve the high-quality of performance required by the client and IMAX, each day the cinema carries out an automatic smart image calibration check as well as 24/7 performance monitoring to ensure perfect sound and vision each time the home cinema is used. The system is easily managed through a touch-screen control pad, with capabilities and extending to a media server, Blu-ray player and further sources like DVD, CD, streaming, gaming and even karaoke.


The Future of Home Cinemas

With this being the first IMAX home cinema in Europe, you’ll need a space roughly 80-150m2 if you want something similar to this stunning custom built installation. However, it stands to become a much more popular option in coming years as shrewd homeowners begin to turn to IMAX home cinemas as an all in one solution for their home entertainment needs, with this setup being the epitome of home audio visual systems.

Henry Shephard is the Business Development Manager at Cornflake, the experts in home cinema. When he’s not helping clients plan the perfect audio visual system, you can find Henry catching up on the latest cinema releases.