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Are you skeptical about link building in 2018? Although Google employs dynamic algorithms for each individual query, links still remain one of Google’s top ranking factors.

Of course, link building is very tricky and there are content marketing services available to help you earn links organically. But for many marketers, earning links relies on other promotional strategies, which usually come with a lot of rejection.

Here, we’ll discuss a few link building strategies that are still highly effective in 2018.

Onsite Link Bait

The best link building strategy is one that is completed naturally and organically. Essentially, offering anything of value to your industry and getting it noticed will be valuable link bait for other content marketers out there.

One of the most linkable assets you can create is offering your own original research.

Ideas include:

  • Longitudinal studies of industry benchmarks
  • Statistics collected from the internet
  • Case studies on individual campaigns
  • White papers relating to trends in your industry
  • Proprietary software suite or online tools

In terms of creating onsite content for links, it all begins with keyword research. By understanding what questions users are searching for and what items they’re looking to purchase, you can create in-depth content that attempts to answer these concerns.

Pair this with competitor research and you can identify sources that are linking to their content and refine it to provide more value for that source and its readers.

Here are some onsite content ideas that will earn links for your most trafficked keywords:

  • Infographics
  • Evergreen content
  • Podcasts
  • Q/A roundups with industry leaders
  • Guest posts from other industry leaders

Broken Link Building and Mentions

In terms of offsite SEO, one of the easiest strategies to acquire links in your industry is to reclaim your own. There are a number of tools out there where you can find previous hyperlinks that are now broken and contact the publisher to try and get them live again.

Using Google Alerts, you can find mentions of your brand over the web and contact publishers to insert a hyperlink to your website under the brand name.

Influencer Marketing

Honestly, many SEO analysts overlook the importance of branded link building as a viable strategy. Shifting more from the archaic strategy of building links for equity, influencer marketing seeks to build links to establish partnerships and generate visibility for brand across the web.

Influencer marketing is particularly advantageous because you get to market your brand in front of an already established audience, whom are staunch in their loyalty.

There are a variety of tools to connect with influencers and filters to target them by location and industry niche.

I guess we should also mention that influencer blogs and sites do provide nice link equity in the end.

Guest Posting

Finally, guest posting should not be overlooked as an effective link building strategy. While a lot of publications employ ‘nofollow’ tags, guest posting still allows you to get your brand some much needed visibility and can help you cultivate thought leadership for your organization.


Link building is not dead, nor is it ineffective. The rules have simply changed and the best way to approach a link building strategy is like all other marketing strategies: to acquire visibility for your brand. Don’t focus strictly on DA and equity and focus more on the people who read the publications you are targeting.