Those who are a part of the software development industry will be familiar with Agile. Agile is trumping traditional methods in software development because of its more systematic and productivity-friendly direction. DevOps, which is a shortened term for Development and Operations, is an important part of the Agile wave. It uses the relationship between IT operations and development to improve project efficiency.

The DevOps Foundation training by KnowledgeHut is a significant stepping stone for those who want to learn this crucial set of practices.

The Course

A 16-hour program, the DevOps Foundation training will cover several important topics. The first few modules will cover the basics of DevOps and its important role in the larger Agile framework. The program then moves on to the core principles of DevOps which includes ‘The Three Ways’, chaos engineering, and the learning organisations.

Important practices of DevOps like continuous delivery, DevSecOps, resilience engineering, site reliability, and ChatOps will also be covered by the certified DevOps trainer. The different frameworks that DevOps is associated with include Agile, Lean, ITSM, Safety Culture and more. Participants will also learn about automation practices like CI/CD, Cloud and the DevOps Toolchain amongst others. DevOps Leadership and collaborative platforms are also important lessons in the KnowledgeHut DevOps Foundation certification.

The course is based on the latest certification version that has been introduced by the DevOps Institute.

Benefits of the Training

After the course, you will have learnt the objectives and industry vocabulary of DevOps and how to apply its concepts to improve workflow, communication, and feedback cycles. Real life examples will help you understand the impact of DevOps and how you can customise its best practices to suit your organisation or project requirements.

Apart from the main learning experience, you will also receive a learner manual which has been drafted by the DevOps Institute. This will provide a valuable resource as your professional journey into the world of Agile continues after the course. The training will also include industry-relevant samples and tools, and the participants will learn about techniques that they can apply in a real-world workplace scenario. Participants will also earn 16 PDUs and SEUs after successfully completing the training and KnowledgeHut provides support via phone or through online means.

The DevOps Certification

After completing the Foundation training, you will be eligible to write the certification exam, which can be online or a paper at the end of the second classroom training day. The exam admission procedure will be facilitated by KnowledgeHut, and the duration of this all-important test is 60 minutes in which you have to attempt 40 multiple-choice questions.

The KnowledgeHut Way

KnowledgeHut, with a worldwide presence, boasts a cutting-edge learning platform and a celebrated faculty of trainers. Easy to access and schedule, the DevOps Foundation training will add a very important credential to your profile and open up many career opportunities. The 2-day course can be the beginning of a very successful phase. Learn more about DevOps and consider registering for this dynamic course.