Who does not currently know someone who makes sports bets online? The truth is that more and more people are interested in knowing how this phenomenon works from within. With this brief preamble, it can be affirmed that the number-one advice to bet on sports is to understand and master as best as possible the discipline chosen. From this, with the sum of information, experience, intuition, concentration and a percentage of the always necessary degree of moderation!

The possibility of getting involved successfully in the world of sports betting will be closer should you also check on the top rated sportsbook.

To deepen the analysis, let us list some of the sports most commonly required by bookmakers: football, tennis, basketball, boxing (fights for world titles), motorsports and others with more marked popularity in the United States such as ice hockey and American football.

With regard to football, the simplest and traditional bet is to choose a match and choose the winner of the tie. Each of the three options will have a quota that, in the case of success, will be multiplied by the money wagered to give the gross profit. Of course, it is also feasible to bet on the one-time tournament champion, the scorer, exact match results and endless alternatives.

In tennis, meanwhile, as there is no chance of equality, the variants are two. With exceptions, in tennis as in the rest of the activities, the quotas will reflect the favoritism of one of the players with enough clarity. It is for that reason that to put a record to an athlete who previously to the event is a candidate to the triumph calms down from the security that shows the probabilities but – at the same time – delivers a smaller prize if the expected victory occurs.

At present, there are many examples of favorites that do not usually fail and that, if they lose, it is a real surprise. And both Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic, in tennis. If you study the percentage of games won annually by these teams/tennis players, the conclusion will be conclusive. But, of course, his victories always go hand in hand with very low fees.

As an outcome, let’s go over the most important tips to understand how to bet on sports: to know both the sport and the event selected with the greatest possible depth. To be informed even of details that may even seem unnecessary; Studying and comparing quotas; Not to be carried away by the high probabilities of the favorites, since the profits are minimal; And, as with any bet, not risk more than a certain percentage of the total balance.

The Key To Good Betting: The Analysis

For the bettors, the analysis of a soccer game is done before and during the match (and after the result for the fans, who have the time to repeat the match for weeks.

How To Bet Before The Game

If you bet before kick-off, your analysis will have to be carefully broken down and will address the “conditions of success” of your bet. Let’s take the example of a championship football match (which will end in 90 minutes of time in any case) between team A and team B.

Let’s imagine you’re betting on Team A’s victory.

What is the condition to ensure that your bet is good?

The soccer team A scores more goal than the football team B.

What Are The Conditions Of This Event?

1/ That team A scores without team B does mark

2/ If Team B scores, Team A scores more goals.

What are the conditions for events 1 and 2?

1 / That team A scores without team B does mark

Terms & Conditions

That the attack of team A is effective at the time of the football match

That the defense of team B allows conceding a goal

That Team B’s attack is ineffective

The defense of team A is solid


2/ If Team B scores, Team A scores more goals

Terms & Conditions

That Team B makes

That team A scores 1 goal more than his opponent, i.e., at least 2 goals.

To formalize the reasoning that leads us to issue a prognosis makes it possible to give a better solidity to its analysis.

Note that we could have reasoned with another approach, for example putting as conditions that team A is better than team B on the day of the football game with as sub-conditions that team A may be better than l Team B and Team A is motivated and in shape on the day of the meeting. In the end, we would have come up with the same data to analyze:

  • Statistics of the past
  • Stake of the meeting
  • State of the lawn
  • Teams and players etc…

Choose One Or More Sports

Before anything else, and the world of sports betting is very wide, you have to choose a sport or several sports that inspire you. Insofar as you are going to have to follow closely the current events of the chosen sport (s), consider opting for a discipline that interests you.

You should also know that the type of sport chosen will influence the type of sports to bet you will be able to make. Team sports, such as football, rugby or volleyball, can be differentiated from individual sports such as running, boxing, tennis or fencing.

Also, it’s clear that some sports benefit from a greater media coverage than others because of their popularity in France. To be sure of obtaining a maximum of indications, therefore prefer these disciplines to others. These are mainly football, tennis, rugby, swimming, and cycling. Mechanical sports, in particular, Formula 1, are also well represented, but the prognostics here are a little more complicated to establish, the performance not being solely related to the physical condition and the level of the competitor.

Choose A Bookmaker

The second step to start betting on sports betting is to choose an online bookmaker. We call bookmaker the site and the betting platform on which you will bet.

To choose your bookmaker, you must compare several information:

  • The type and variety of bets offered
  • The odds or potential winnings on the bets you are interested in
  • Special offers and welcome bonuses
  • The safety of the site and its approval by the French authorities

Depending on your desires and the sport you have previously chosen, you can also seek advice from other experienced bettors on discussion boards.

Choose A Type Of Bet

You will quickly see by registering with a bookmaker that the types of bets offered are numerous. To start, you do not have to go into too complex bets and prefer the basic bets of the “simple bet” type which consists solely of determining who will be the winner of the match.

Finally, gradually and depending on your experience, you can then approach other types of bets a little more complex but whose gains are also more interesting. The final step is to establish your game strategy to maximize your chances of winning. In sports, there are many different ways of winning, and some require a little more work than others.