Only an app developer knows how difficult is to create an amazing application. This is why there were developed tools, to facilitate the process and to design better apps. If you are working in the web application development industry, you know that the base of a complex application is its architecture.

What is web application architecture?

Web application architecture overviews the connections between middleware systems, applications, and databases in order to facilitate the functionality of applications. When you type a certain URL on your browser, it will find the internet-facing device that hosts the website and it will request to open a particular page.

The server that hosts the website will send files to the browser and then the browser will execute those files to show you the page you want. But, a simple code does not have instructions to tell the browser how to react, so the web application architecture comes to solve this issue. It includes the external applications and sub-components required by the software application. Web application architecture is essential for every device and app that uses the Internet in order to function.

How does web application architecture work?

When it comes to web applications, they have two sides, the client and the server. This means that two programs work concurrently: a code that responds to the URL request, found on the server, and a code that offers a result to the user, found in the browser.

Why is web application architecture important?

The companies that have in plan to develop apps ask themselves why they should focus on web application architecture. The answer is that it will support future growth when the business will experience increased demands. It will also improve reliability features. If it is used together with object-oriented programming, it will establish how an app operates.

Do companies record advantages if they focus on web application architecture?

Multiple apps can be created with the same back-end code

It is important for companies to focus on web application architecture because it will offer API development that can be used to create apps with different requirements. Mobile apps developers highly use this feature at the present moment. Companies nowadays need to implement internet services that connect with mobile applications.

If the developers would not use the web application architecture, they would have to first create a service layer, and then they would use it for the app. But, nowadays they no longer have to follow these steps, because APIs can be used directly. They can start by scratch every app, and in this way, they avoid experiencing GUI technology issues. When they use API for applications, they can easily make them accessible to other users.

Having web application architecture available simplifies the process, even if you still have to create an ecosystem for the API.

It improves the development productivity

Companies can finalize numerous projects with the help of this technology. They can create data or business visualisation applications, desktop applications and mobile programs. The results obtained by using technologies like AngularJS or Backbone.js are better, compared with the ones obtained by using MVC frameworks such as JSF or GWT. The AngularJS technology offers great advantages to web developers when they do not want to overload the infrastructure with a new middleware.

It offers ergonomic and powerful web apps

It is crucial to check the state of the end-product if we want to prove that web application architecture offers advantages to companies. If the developers use an MV framework, then they will create the app in the browser, for being used by the browser. In this way, they can easily access the features of apps. HTML5 brought into scheme countless features, like multi-threading, data storage, data push, file system access, offline, and many other similar ones.

But, the latest web apps use around 10% of the browser features, and the reason is the lack of facilities for JavaScript development. However, with the new technologies available on the market, developers can experiment because they open them new horizons. Read more about web application architecture if you want to use it for your business.

What are the best practices for great web application architecture?

Companies do not need only good apps, they also need an amazing web architecture in order for that app to function flawlessly. Good web architectures have the following features:

  • Automated deployment
  • Effective scalability
  • Simple
  • Easy creation of data
  • Fast response time
  • Errors logged in a user-friendly way
  • No chances for failure
  • No crashing events
  • It prevents hacking through the use of security features
  • It meets the latest trends in analytics and a/b testing
  • Quickly problem solving

Why are these characteristics essential? Because only they can guarantee the user that they use a good app. By following, the best practices the development of applications is reliable, user-friendly and efficient.

What are the latest trends in app architecture?

Technology is in a continuous growth and app architecture has to evolve concurrently.

A trend the present web app architecture has to meet is service-oriented architecture. This means that the greatest part of the code already exists under the form of services, and every one of them already has HTTP API. This means that one facet of the code can make a request to another part of the code, even if the second one is hosted by a different server.

Another trend developers use, is the single-page application. In this case, a rich Java Script application is used. It will remain in the browser of the user during multiple interactions. It is based on WebSockets or AJAX in order to perform synchronous and asynchronous requests to the server. During the process, the page does not have to be loaded.

The benefit is that the user will not experience page load interruptions. More and more apps are keeping in view these objects.

For offering extended information on the subject, it is advisable to contact a professional company that is able to offer web application architecture.