Have you ever tried to transfer files from your iPhone device to a computer, and you discover that you cannot do what you want? This is very common, which is why many people choose to use the best iPhone manager software. The best iPhone to laptop transfer software will have more freedom than iTunes, and you can transfer a variety of files between your iPhone and your computer.


  • Photos and images: smart transfer from iPhone to PC

Saying that transferring photos from iPhone to PC is smart, IOTransfer3 is a manager that remembers its transfer history, which means that it will not transfer the same images for the second time, thus avoiding duplication.

  • Music and playlist: transfer similar to a player


You can copy, paste, rename a song or even create a new playlist in IOTransfer3. Unlike other iPhone XS (Max) / XR iOS 12 for PC transfer software that only sets up the basic transfer utility, this iPhone transfer tool offers a similar experience to that of a music player.

  • Transfer video from iPhone to PC

Most of the existing PC iPhone transfer software cannot do anything with MKV, AVI, AVCHD and other video formats that the iPhone does not recognize natively. But the opposite is true with IOTransfer3 to PC transfer tool because it can automatically converts video to MP4 (H.264) before the video is transferred.


Youtube Video Download Manager

If you are looking for a perfect and free application, then IOTransfer3 video downloader can be a great option. With the extensive features of the Web browser to save videos and play them using the integrated media player, it provides everything smoothly and elegantly. Also, it also supports all formats on any site and provides security for blocking videos. Not only can you transfer videos to your camera roll, but you can also transfer them to a Windows PC using the Wi-Fi transfer setting. This simple program to download videos and a powerful player allows you to download videos from any video streaming site. It also offers several options, from video management to playback and saving on iPhone.


GIF animations are small compressed and fun files that are used for memes in most cases.

IOTransfer3 GIF Maker guarantees one of the best experiences to create GIFs documents. With IOTransfer3, you can customize GIF speed and remember frames. It is also possible to save the GIF image on individual GIF frames.


iPhone Clean

Although no one can say that no iPhone iOS can easily clean all the garbage that has the iPhone, but this tool has earned an excellent reputation for its simple interface and its ability to eliminate waste and temporary files, thus creating more space on the device. This minimal and simplistic iOS and iPhone cleaning system allow you to free up memory on your iOS device with ease. All unwanted clusters and root files can be deleted with one click.

Main features:

  • In-depth exploration of iPhone space and analysis of how much space can be saved.
  • Quickly discover and clean large iPhone files.
  • Optimize iOS performance, clean unwanted files and fix multiple iOS errors with one click.
  • The only existing iOS tool offers complete protection of personal data.
  • Integration of over 20 data analysis technologies to clean more than 30 types of waste.
  • Provides nine powerful adjustment tools for iPhone and iPad for ease of everyday use.
  • 100% Secure and efficient iOS cleanup utility without jailbreak.
  • Fully compatible with all iOS devices.