The original Spotify features lots of inconveniences including ads that play in the middle of the music stream that will interrupt your music listening experience. This can be solved if you install Spotify Premium or Spotify ++. Here’s how to download and install the Spotify Premium on your iOS 10 device using TuTuApp. The best thing about this is that no jailbreak is necessary.

Opening the TutuApp and finding Spotify Premium

After you find it, you will be ready for the next steps.

Installing Spotify Premium

After you found the Spotify Premium in the TutuApp store, you just have to press Get it free, and the app will download and install itself onto your iOS 10 or your iPad just like any other application from the Apple App Store.

Dealing with the profile error that appears

You will only have to face this problem in case you haven’t installed an application from TutuApp before. In case you have installed one, this step and also the next one will not be needed. The error that is displayed on your phone announces that the app is coming from an untrusted source and you will be to fix this and prevent it from appearing again.

Fixing the error message

From preventing the untrusted profile error from reappearing you have to go to your device’s Settings menu. Then you have to go to the Profile section of the General Settings menu, click on Profile Name and select Trust. The error won’t ever appear again because the profile is now trusted.

Enjoying Spotify Premium

Now, all you have to do is open Spotify Premium and enjoy streaming music uninterruptedly on your iPhone or iPad. This is all you have to do, so have fun listening to your favorite tunes!