Scratch Maps may seem like another hype of the recent years. Not only is it a must-have item for avid travelers to have, it’s also a hot item for interior designer. Travelers typically use Scratch Map as a memento that features their last travel, for an option of  travelling gifts for men, and for travel planning purposes. Whereas Interior Designers use it as an addition to their interior; whether it be a wall art, or a statement.

But do you know that this gorgeous yet incredibly fun item actually has a lot more benefits to offer? Not only as a decoration, and certainly not only as a travel planner. Yes, many would be surprised to find out that this seemingly ordinary item can also be used for education purposes. Due to its simplicity, many would mistake it as a one-dimensional item in terms of purposes. With this article, you will see its role in an education setting.

Scratch Maps and its learning purposes

Learning geography is easier said than done. With seven continents, a total of 192 countries and 2,5-million cities sprawling across the globe, it can be extremely difficult for one to memorize everything. However, Scratch Maps can make the learning process less excruciating, and even more interesting! At a glance, this wonderful map may not look different than other maps out there. But you will be surprised!

Originally invented to document travels, Scratch Maps are progressively adopted by others out of the travel scope. One of the many uses of this incredible map is undoubtedly to help individuals, more notably students, learn geography. Seen as a unique tool, its simplicity may fool them into thinking that it’s just another map showing continents around the world.

Little do they know, a scratch on the surface of this impressive map will result in a highlighted area. This unique way of learning may very well pique their interest and curiosity. Undoubtedly resulting in a better environment for learning, and an even better outcome. With Scratch Maps students will be more inclined to put in the work and be involved in the learning process.

How to use Scratch Maps to help learning process

It does not matter if you are an adult, or a homeschooler who must learn about geography. The Scratch Map has long been highly regarded as the most ideal tool to learn this particular subject. Not only does it contain an incredibly invaluable information as you could normally find in a traditional globe or map. It also provides a unique and incredibly engaging format.

The Scratch Map is a lot like another map you may have in your classroom back then, but the format makes it stand out. To use it for learning, all you should do is discover the region underneath the golden tin foil covering the surface. Students may be required to memorize the regions first before this little quiz. Make them guess one of the region in question and let them scratch the map as they would a lottery. You may proceed by asking the student to tell a historical fact or story about the region. Simple, yet innovative.