In today’s business world there is a lot of focus on improving lead generation by making use of technology. Behavioral analytics of visual visitors are of prime significance in this regard. They help you understand the motive of a visitor who comes to your website. Few users have no objection in filling forms and giving you a proper feedback about their visit. However, the majority of visitors in comparison prefer to skip signup or filing forms or sharing any additional detail. Below top five reasons illustrate the importance of virtual visitors in generating leads.

Identifying The Anonymous Users

With visual visitor, it becomes possible to know the identity of your users. If something is better than knowing the amount of traffic coming to your website, it is to know who the visitors actually are. This is so much important. Knowing the public information and details about someone’s visit, pages they view and times they invest, their past visits and so are very crucial to the sales team. Using this data they can understand a visitor’s inclination towards a particular product or service. When you know the interests of your visitors who otherwise would have been anonymous, you can engage your sales tactics to reach greater audiences. More the number of potential prospects more will be the probability of lead generation.

The Essence of Timing

Many websites reach their visitors via email or messaging services at a time when the visitors are not online. Sometimes visitors have already purchased the product from another website and sometimes the visitors decide to ignore the emails as they are flooded with a multitude of such emails already. So this makes marketing a matter of timing your stroke perfectly. How about knowing when your visitors are online and contacting them at real time. With visual visitor this is possible. You can get an email alert telling you which visitor is where and doing what at your website. If you are able to find your potential lead in real time you can immediately send him a custom message. This makes the experience special. A genuine prospect is always going to like it and thus with perfectly timed pop-up or notification he can be converted into your customer too.

Improved Outbound Sales

After getting a list of potential leads via form-data collected or enquiries made by leads themselves, reps often make a lot of cold calls to them. Sometimes after getting all information and details a lead becomes silent and doesn’t bother to engage further with you. This necessarily doesn’t mean they have lost interest in the product. Business contacts may be busy and come back after a while. Imagine losing the leads that were earlier interested in buying from you and now have lost track of their previous visits. The visual visitor software application proves to be handy in such situations. Returning visitors can be identified and you can remind them of their last visit and discussion. This can improve the success rate of outbound sales.

Easy Data Analytics

With so much of data, it is obvious to get lost and identify the useful ones among overall data. Having a control on visual visitor data and ability to filter out the unwanted data can help you focus on a lesser amount of visitors with a higher density of being potential consumers. This makes analytics easier and hence an in-depth focus on useful leads can be done which will help saving time and resources. There are options also to save and export the data of visitors.

Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

Whether your objective is to build relationships and subscribers or generate more and more leads, you must understand that your competitors out there are also trying to woo the consumers. So you must stay abreast with top-notch proven tools so that you are a step ahead of them.  Further, it is highly likely that your competitors are spending a lot of time on your website too. Using virtual visitor you can know where they are focusing and you can track their journey every time. This is useful from a strategic point of view.

As described in above five points a virtual visitor in all regards is a useful innovation in the marketing world to improve lead generation. Further, the costs of virtual visitors are often too low as compared to their promising results.