As we all know SAP is one of the biggest software solutions provider. It has been working in providing better work and data management for organizations in various industries. The company is known as Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing (SAP) and was founded in June year 1972.  It mostly targeted the A type or big businesses for their solutions, however, in time many small sized companies also adopted SAP. The companies mainly did it to achieve organizational goals and SAP did help them to achieve the goals in a timely fashion. Due to its popularity, it is one of the leaders in the area of enterprise applications.

SAP has many modules for the professionals. They can study any of the available course. Some of the courses are SAP Database Administrators, SAP Network specialist, SAP Security Consultant etc. There are courses also available for management professionals. They can study SAP customer relationship management. SAP Business Intelligence, SAP sales and, distribution and many more courses are available to choose from.  The whole implementation process is complex and for successful implementation, you need to have adequate knowledge and training on the subject. It may take years before you get the expertise on this subject. The SAP software solutions also provide a good robust technical support to the organization.

SAP HCM modules and its advantages

SAP modules provide a lot of software for the business and the solution is management based. The HCM module, for example, is one of the best software for the HR department to complete there day to day activity. The HR job is way more than what everyone thinks. They are responsible for recruitment, managing designation, compensation model, payment, promotions and certain other work items as and when required. The module provided by SAP helps the team keep a track of all such items. Apart from the ones available, there are many sub-modules as well which are beneficial for various different processes such as personnel administration, e-recruitment, Payroll, ESS & MSS, Time management, reporting, and organizational management. These help the team achieve the set goal and even the help manage compensation, performance appraisal, and other things. The e-recruitment helps enhance the overall recruitment process for the company. Similarly, time management helps the employees manage the work and time in an effective manner.

SAP CRM Module

CRM or Customer Relationship Management module of SAP is again one of the best solutions in the market. It helps the company better manage the demands and needs of their customers. It also allows the organization to create unique and better solutions to help improve the customer experience. It also allows a better interaction between various teams which work with the customer. It helps the company improve the customer value, profitability, and even loyalty across the organization. Every business wants to achieve customer satisfaction and this module of SAP is the best way to achieve it.

SAP SD Module

The Sales and Distribution module of SAP is ideal and must have for every organization. This module helps an organization manage master data, order and cash related transaction, system configuration, etc. This module helps manage sales order, pricing, Billing and credit process, material master data and Customer master. The SD module also has various sub-modules for different processes such as sales support, Pendulum list Indirect sales, Shipping, and transportation.

SAP BI Module

Earlier it was known as Business Information warehouse but was later changed to SAP Business Intelligence. The end users know it as SAP BI. It helps in getting the data from different sources, differentiate them and then load it to the warehousing area. It helps improve the data storage management in an organization. The SAP BI helps with data analysis in various formats like graphs, grids, maps etc. It also uses the BEx tool to present the data and reports of the organization.


As you can see SAP solutions play an important role in any organization. It enhances the overall work process and SAP trained professionals can complete their work easily using the various modules. The various training helps the employees to manage the overall data and work process in the organization. Due to these more and more organizations are moving and adoption SAP practices.