Employee safety should be the number one priority in any job. That being said, it’s not only the employer’s role to keep their worker safe. HR plays a big role in maintaining employee safety and will contribute to their well-being. You should never minimize the impact HR can have on morale and productivity, just by making sure your workers feel safe. In fact, there are a few ways how HR helps your employees do the best they can.

1. It deals with inspection

The office can only be safe if it is inspected on a regular basis. It’s not enough to check out the state of your office once and then presume it’s going to stay the same. After all, it is a living and breathing organism because of all the commotion that goes on there on daily basis.

HR can be crucial in this aspect because regular inspections can be in their job description. Taking care of employees and making the workplace safe for them means regularly checking if everything is in order. This way, more injuries will be avoided, and you’ll have happier and more productive employees. Everyone reacts and does well when they’re sure their environment is safe.

2. It helps with the communication

HR’s main concern is how the employees feel. It’s not that easy for employees to openly communicate with their boss about everything that bothers them. What’s more, no one has the time to listen to all of them. That’s where HR comes in. This department is your employees’ voice. It’ll stick up for them and tell you about their problems and concerns.

Likewise, instead of you having to deal with your employees, HR will. The HR office is also much more agreeable force and will make sure there’s no bad feelings or conflict on either side of the communication. Overall, this helps your employees feel safe in their workplace and eases their mind. They know they can voice their concerns and be heard at any time.

3. It provides and oversees training

Out of all the departments a firm can have, HR has proven to be the most effective one when it comes to providing and overseeing training for new employees. A good training programme like Fire warden Training is an essential part of all safety measurements. If your employees are educated, they’re less likely to get injured and hurt.

You can leave the planning and oversight of such programmes to HR confidently. They’ll know what to do and just how to do it. After all, they’re the most familiar with the business. HR can even be in charge of the physical aspects of safety during training. For example, proper security fencing in Australia is a must every HR office has prescribed.

4. It can plan for emergencies

Everything can be running smoothly for a while, and then something can suddenly happen to change that. That’s why planning for emergencies is crucial. HR can deal with those plans with no problems. They can plan out emergency routes depending on the shape of the building, plan for fires, and educate the employees on what to do.

What’s more, they can plan what to do in case of injuries on the job. What they’ll think of depends on the type of work your employees do. Whatever it is, you can be sure that HR is there to focus on all the aspects of the situation and flawlessly solve any potential issue. Sometimes we can’t prevent certain situations but we can always make the consequences more bearable.


As you can see, HR’s role in employee safety is far from minimal. It can have a great effect on their feelings and how they do their job. You should always strive to improve your HR office and realize its full potential. Only then will your employees do their best, too. After all, a protected and cared for workforce is a happy workforce.