With over 30% of the internet’s websites using the content management system, WordPress is the most popular website builder available. Its popularity with brands is continuously increasing, as more companies realize the potential and reach. WordPress is a great platform with many unique features and it can be your brand’s next big step towards achieving growth.

How will your brand benefit from using WordPress?

WordPress is a great platform to build your website. It is the largest website building platform on the internet, featuring about 30% of all websites online. The large number of users drives demand for new updates and product releases, with many tools available for free. This high number of new plugins and themes increases the variety available to website owners, which means that you can develop a unique brand presence to match your identity. A great brand profile, marked by a suitable webs presence, will help create brand awareness amongst potential clients.

WordPress is free to install and use. It is very easy to understand, with users knowing how to maneuver around the platform on their very first visit. Having a WordPress site could help website owners who do not have a vast technical skill level manage their site easily. You can still get the advantages of having a great online presence for your brand without needing to know how to code or incurring heavy expenses for it.

The platform is a great tool for increased visibility and marketing without an increase in advertising expenses. WordPress is SEO friendly, with optimized pages that have relevant content being more likely to appear at the top of search engine results than those of other CMS options. Increased brand visibility could help boost growth, such as by raising engagement and conversion levels.

WordPress is very secure, and can be a great platform for your ecommerce website as long as you maintain a strong security protocol. If you regularly keep backups, update your plugins and themes, and make sure to avoid any suspicious third party alternatives, your website will be well protected. You could be able to run an ecommerce website on the platform due to the high security assurance offered by the site, as well as its level of scalability.

Your clients can contact you using their social media profiles through WordPress’ social integration. As they do so, your brand will become more visible to their followers, which will boost brand visibility and growth. More people will be likely to trust your brand based on the interaction with other users, which could drive up conversion and revenue levels.

What do you need to do to maximize the benefit of WordPress for your brand?

 These are a few practices you can implement to take advantage of WordPress’ great features and help to grow your brand.

Optimizing for speed

Recently, Google incorporated page speeds into the search engine algorithm. The highest ranked websites will need to load very quickly, and maintain high user satisfaction levels. You can optimize for speed by choosing a great layout and design. When picking a theme, you should only consider minimalist options. Your homepage setup should display as few comments as possible, with a preference for pages. Using excerpts instead of whole articles also improves the look and load speed of your website. To boost your page load times, you will need to optimize your images for website use. If they are downloaded from the internet or are taken through a camera, images usually contain metadata, which may increase the size without affecting quality. You should also avoid posting videos and prefer embedding links, as well as deleting all unnecessary drafts.

Optimize for mobile

There are over 4 billion internet users. Most of these people can access the internet through their mobile phones or tablets, with very few people using a computer. In order to maximize your brand’s visibility, you will need to make your website mobile friendly. WordPress includes a lot of themes that are mobile-friendly, which means you have little to worry about. You should consider this aspect of your preferred theme before setting it up to maximize your reach on the internet.

Updating everything ASAP

Different aspects of your WordPress based website will have a number of updates that will help reduce vulnerabilities and fix bugs. To run your website successfully, you need to regularly update all aspect of your site. The biggest update is your WordPress core code, which may not be released as often as your themes and plugins. These feature regular updates and should be consistently updated to help boost your security and maximize on the efficiency of your website’s operations.

Diversifying and Linking content

 Choosing the right content to go with your website will help attract a niche of visitors, which will increase your brand presence and could positively affect revenue levels. However, having the same type of content over and over again could lead to the potential clients viewing your brand as boring and repetitive. It will affect your engagement levels, and may cause your brand to develop a bad reputation. This is also a likely effect of over advertising your brand on your website. Instead of sticking to the same type of content, you may consider diversifying your content type to attract more viewers. You could also link other brands’ content, which may lead to positive brand association.

Final word

Your brand will benefit from increased visibility and potentially higher SEO rankings. The platform is free to use, and is easy to install, There are many guides available to help you get the best website build. You could make a secure and trustworthy website on the platform, but may need to implement a strict plug-in and update policy to help protect you from any malicious attackers. If you are not sure how to maximize the benefits of the platform for your brand, you may consider hiring dedicated WordPress service providers such as WPFixs to help get your brand’s website running optimally, as well as having the highest level of security.