Where do you get your social media stats and reports?

Every social networking platform will have a default service called “analytics” through which you can find out all the huge and fundamental online networking stats. Things like:

  • Top picks (favorites) & likes
  • Re-shares and Re-tweets
  • Comments and replies
  • Reach

Have a look at these below 5 social media platforms providing stats and reports,

Facebook updates

facebook updates

Reach:  This gives you the count of number of people who saw your facebook post

Likes: these are the people who liked your post. Facebook shows up the names of three people and rest of the members can be seen by clicking on it.

Shares: sharing option gives you the info of the number of people shared your post

Comments: this section is for commenting on the post or for asking any queries on the respected post.


tweets and favorites

Retweets: Retweeting is just reposting or forwarding the original post

Favorites: favorites are similar to- likes, list of number of people who favorite the post

Replies: you click this to expand your tweet, there is no count to the replies.





LinkedIn Updates:

linkedin updates

When you’re signed in, the accompanying details show up consequently on each update(for the administrator eyes ):

Impressions – what number individuals have seen your post.

Clicks – Number of clicks on your content, your organization name, or your logo

Communications – Likes, comments, and shares

Engagement rate – Interactions, snaps, and number of followers, divided by interactions

Google+ posts:

google plus posts

  • +1s
  • Reshares
  • Comments
  1. Facebook Insights

Accessible for all Page administrators, Facebook Insights demonstrate to you the full details behind your posts, your followers. Also, from the Insights tab, you can set up a list of Pages to Watch, which gives you data on the execution of other Facebook pages.

To get to Insights, tap the Insights tab in the menu bar over the highest point of your Facebook page (the menu bar is obvious just to administrators of the page).

  1. Twitter analytics

Twitter gives a 28-day outline of how your tweets have performed in all the real engagement ranges—retweets, notice, top choices, and snaps. A standout amongst the most helpful bits of investigation here is seeing the impressions of every tweet (the same thing as Facebook’s Reach detail).

Tapping on any individual tweet in your list will demonstrate a complete breakdown of each component of engagement on the tweet, including snaps on URLs, taps on your username, taps on pictures, extended points of interest, and a bar graph for engagement over the initial 24 hours and the previous 24 hours.

  1. Pinterest analytics

The Pinterest dashboard demonstrates development in impressions and devotees, gathering of people details, and site engagement. You can click into additional inside and out reports for each of these and see which posts and sheets have performed the best.

Pinterest analytics is accessible to business accounts; you can change over an individual record to a business represent free.

  1. LinkedIn analytics for people

LinkedIn gathers huge amounts of data on who’s seen your profile and shares it in diagrams and charts that show how your perspectives have changed after some time, which exist among the individuals who view your profile, and proposals on who to take after and how to round out your profile to expand your new open doors.

  1. LinkedIn analytics for organizations

Much like Facebook’s Insights tab, LinkedIn’s analytics include a diagram of the considerable number of posts on your business page and in addition a breakdown of your followers and adherent development.

To get to LinkedIn analytics, sign in at LinkedIn and go to your business page. Click on Analytics alongside the Home connection at the highest point of the page.

  1. Google+ Insights

The Google+ Insights demonstrate to you the visibility, engagement, and overviews of the audience. There’s not a mess of space to bore down more profound into these stats, which makes them extraordinary for quick and-simple preview