You have probably heard it already – Instagram is rapidly turning into the most influential social network around as it has a large percentage of young users who regularly log in and spend a considerable amount of time looking through the various content uploaded to it. There have been numerous studies about Instagram which have analysed the demographics of users and countless articles have been published about the social network’s analytics which reinforce just how big it is and how many people regularly engage with it. All these different commentators agree on the fact that Instagram is not only a social network which can be used to share moments and information with other people, it can also be effectively used as a marketing tool to increase the profile of companies and businesses.

So how do you use Instagram for marketing your business? The key thing about Instagram is the engagement factor. Of the approximately one billion users, 51% (510 million) of them check the social network on a daily basis and 35% (350 million) of them do so various times throughout the day. Another important fact is that 70% (700 million) of Instagram users have used Instagram to look up brands. The numbers involved speak for themselves. The potential audience that can be reached through marketing on Instagram is enormous and far exceeds that of other traditional channels of marketing and publicity. There’s no reason why a post on Instagram can’t conceivably reach all of the users on Instagram. It’s a challenge but when there is the potential for one billion people to see your message, it’s worth going for it.

Using Instagram for marketing is heavily reliant on how many followers you have as these are the key to generating the interaction needed to make your Instagram content more popular and, therefore, more visible for those Instagram users that are not your followers. There are many ways that followers can help boost the profile of your content, mostly through liking your posts and adding comments. As such, an additional business that has popped up, and one that can be used by those businesses and companies who are determined to expand the reach of their Instagram account, is that of buying likes, comments and followers on Instagram. Websites, such as, allow you to spend a small amount of money on their packages and, in return, genuine Instagram users will follow you and interact with your profile through likes and comments. This is an avenue that should be explored if you are looking to increase the popularity of your profile.

How to get started

 Once you have your Instagram account, the next step is to prepare your account so that it is an interesting reflection of your company’s brand. Use the bio information to state clearly who your company is, where it is from and what products or services it offers. From there, you need to focus on developing content for your profile that will engage Instagrammers and catch their interest. There are many ideas for this and every Instagram user will have different interests. If you are using Instagram for marketing, you need to focus your content on your products and services. Post pictures of your latest releases or stories detailing their features. At the same time, you need to engage your followers, and anyone else who might be dropping by, so this needs to be done with posts that contain questions in order to encourage viewers to engage or fun videos which will entertain. Any content that illicits a reaction from Instagram users is going to be a hit.

Encourage users to post about you

It is also important, especially as a brand, to invite Instagram users to post content about their experiences with your products or services. One example is running a competition which involves Instagram users uploading a photo of them using your product or service. Choose the best one and give them a prize related to your company’s latest release. You can even ask them to follow-up with a review of the prize. Simple ideas like this can turn into very effective ways for promoting your company.

Use Instagram Business profile

 The next step for your Instagram profile, once you’ve found your feet and got a handle on how to use the social network, is to convert your profile into a Business one. The advantages of having a Business profile include: access to analytic tools, known as Instagram Insights, which give you detailed information about user interaction and engagement numbers while also including statistical breakdowns of the profile of the Instagram users who interact with your profile; Instagram Ads, a feature that is only available to users with Business profiles; and additional features on your profile that increase the opportunities for interaction with your followers. Making the change will help you push forward in the world of Instagram marketing and start you on your way to further success.