Ordering something whether locally or internationally can initially seem like a bit of a tedious chore. After all, the expenses can be high and the waiting times long. Although, at the end of the day, you’re not the one doing all the faff and heavy lifting couriers put up with for a living!

Of course, delivery used to amount to horse and wagon adventures across country or sailing across sea. However, since then delivery has grown far more convenient and efficient, leading to a boom in the industry for such mainstream retailers like Amazon and eBay. Nevertheless, times are still moving on fast, with e-shipping tools now the next iteration of making the whole shipping process a lot easier. Here, we’ll look at just how to use them.

A Personal Account

No matter what website service you sign up for, many demand you register an account. It can seem pointless, with nothing but a load of spam in your email account to show for it.

Not so with e-shipping tools, so set up an account! Bypassing all the relentless ‘newsletter emails’, courier companies such as TNT offer a personal account that breaks down the lengthy shipping process. Helping to control shipment management, it makes all the details such as personal pricing, tracking shipments and more open for regular inspection, warding off the classic delivery worries.

Rescheduling a Delivery

Delivery was often a onetime effort per package. The courier would show but the recipient would be out, with the parcel too big to fit through the letterbox. Hauled back to base, it was then left up to the receiver to make the trek to courier HQ.

However, with just a click of a button on an e-shipping tool, reschedules are a convenient and viable way forward. The delivery services are efficient where the supermarkets fall flat, not cancelling orders but instead rearranging to fit the client needs. No matter what happens, the parcel is guaranteed to arrive under a care that feels personal, despite being orchestrated on a screen!

Orchestrating the Delivery

Gone are the days of lugging parcels to the post office, standing in needless queues to sign and receive items. Convenience is time efficiency, and e-shipping tools are a great example of this.

Of course, everything in a delivery can be done from the safety of home, skipping the delays and time leaching activities. Weight specifications, location requirements, postcode conditions, they are all able to be clarified online, making the process so much quicker. Just fill in the down bars and use the collection service, and your delivery can be on its way in no time!