When shopping online, coupon codes work the same way as paper coupons used at local stores. The only difference is that paper coupons need to be handed over to a cashier for them to be redeemed. Coupon codes on the other hand are mostly applicable on online stores for a shopper to receive a discount on the items purchased. Coupon codes, also referred to as promotional codes are inclusive of numbers and digits that relate to a specific product, normally entered before exiting the store website. The main purpose of coupon codes is for consumers to have a discount on the items they purchase. In most cases, coupon codes offer discounts on items purchased online which are inclusive of a percentage of the whole purchase, fixed discounts and other offers that the retailer advertises. You can find coupons for just about anything from clothing, food, and electronics, all the way to professional tax services and amusement parks. You can even find discount concert tickets by using Stubhub coupon codes.

Why do retailers offer coupon codes?

The main reason for the codes is to act as incentives for consumers to frequently make purchases from the retailer’s website. There are also a number of online sites where a retailer can get access to the codes. These sites combine several shopping promotions in a single place for easier access. In some websites, the codes available are copy pasted in the retailer’s cart. But in other sites, you will only be required to click on a code link from the discount code site that will direct you to the retailer’s site.

How to find coupon codes online

When coupon codes were being introduced, it was actually difficult to find the codes in a retailer’s website. Rather, they mostly appeared on shopping sites that directed shoppers to an online store. Today, there are still coupon codes available in related websites, but stores also offer the codes in their sites too. Consumers can also get the codes through weekly or monthly emails sent by the store. Besides there are a number of coupon code apps you can use to save money. With this application you can distribute coupon and promotional codes.

Another way that consumers can locate coupon codes is using search engines. By typing the words‘coupon codes’ on Google and other word search sites, a consumer can have a list of different websites that offer coupon codes from a variety of stores. They can then access the website to know the available coupon code savings.

How to redeem coupon codes

There are different places that you can enter the coupon code depending on your store. In some stores, the codes are normally entered in the shopping cart before exiting the store. In other stores, the promo codes can be entered in the order review page.

How to tell that the coupon code is working

In most cases, retail store normally have a page that shows how much items you have purchased and the discount you are eligible to relating to the coupon code submission. At times, the amount is exclusive of shipping fees and tax. If a customer enters a promo code and the discount is not displayed on the order review page, the best thing to do is contact the stores customer service for assistance.